Iron Mountain Statement Regarding Feb. 5, 2014, Facility Fire in Argentina

The following is an updated statement from Iron Mountain regarding the tragic events in Buenos Aires on Feb. 5, 2014.

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We wish to express our heartfelt sorrow and condolences for the death of Facundo Ambrosi, as well as to the families of all the victims of this tragedy. These brave first responders risked and gave their lives, and we at Iron Mountain will always remember them and be grateful.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Since last Wednesday’s tragic fire, we are continuing to do everything we can to understand what caused it and how our fire protection systems performed.

We support the efforts of the prosecutor's office to conduct a thorough examination of this incident, and we are cooperating fully in the process. Additionally, we are conducting our own internal investigation, using leading fire experts and engineers.

Out of respect for the authorities’ investigative process, we will only publicly issue information about the fire when it’s appropriate to do so.

We share the country’s deep sorrow for the loss of the brave first responders, and our thoughts are with the injured firemen who are hospitalized. We wish them a full recovery.