"As a responsible corporate citizen, we are passionate about serving our customers and communities and are committed to building a great workplace and a better world."

- Bill Meaney, President and CEO

What is Taking CARE?

Taking CARE is a platform of global strategies and initiatives that expresses our commitment to live by our core values and put them into action every day and in everything we do – from the safeguards we take to protect our customers’ information, to the way we empower employees, serve our communities and protect the environment. By Taking CARE, we hope to be a supplier, employer and neighbor of choice.

  • Our People

    Mountaineers are deeply committed to the company’s mission, our customers, their communities and to each other. We value our employees above all and are creating a workplace where they can thrive.

  • Our Communities

    With thousands of facilities around the world, there are many places we call home. We respond to urgent needs in our communities and work to better people’s lives by protecting and improving access to information and public treasures.

  • Our Planet

    We recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and continuously seek new ways that we, and our customers, can reduce our footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.

  • Our Promise

    We believe that every individual – every company – has the right to information protection, security and privacy, and we continually invest in best-in-class security and technology solutions.