Our employees are our most valuable asset

We are building a culture of success by investing millions of dollars to support ongoing employee training and personal development programs. We also know that a healthy home life is the key to our professional success and we offer each other support, especially in times of need. Read more about our:


We recognize the close connection between the culture of our company and the success of our employees and continuously seek new ways to enhance our candid, action-oriented, and collaborative culture.

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of our culture and help guide our employees’ behavior. They are:

  • Security: We protect our customers’ information as if it were our own.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction: We deliver what our customers expect, when they expect it.
  • Candor: We communicate in an open and truthful way that is constructive and respectful.
  • Integrity: We are always honest and never compromise our Core Values.
  • Accountability: We each hold ourselves personally responsible for our actions, commitments, and results.
  • Action Orientation: We are alert to opportunities and problems and act with a sense of urgency.
  • Teamwork: We work in teams to accomplish far more together than we could as individuals.

EmployeesListening To Our Employees

Iron Mountain employs 19,000 people worldwide. We rely on their regular, honest feedback to understand business risks, best practices, opportunities and challenges. Iron Mountain solicits feedback regularly through management channels and conducts an annual survey entitled “sPEAK” for all employees worldwide. sPEAK provides a scoring system to which we can track improvements of our employee engagement efforts over time as well as help us learn about emerging best practices and challenges from all levels of our employee teams.

Comprehensive Benefits

Taking CARE of our employees is a top priority and we have developed a comprehensive benefits program to meet their needs.

Employee Wellness

LiveWellAt Iron Mountain, we are proud to offer a competitive benefits program designed to provide the flexibility to meet the varying needs of our employees and our employees’ families. Our benefits program consists of numerous offerings including medical and vision coverage, dental coverage, 401(k) Savings, Life Insurance, Short-term and Long-term disability coverage and more. Part-time employees are also eligible for a range of benefits including medical and dental coverage as well as 401(k) and numerous other benefits.

Additionally, Iron Mountain is focused on the overall health of our employees. LiveWell is the theme for our corporate goal of employee wellness in the areas of health, personal wealth, and work-life balance. Through our LiveWell campaign, we are implementing lasting programs and education campaigns that will help us support the overall wellness of our employees and their families.

Iron Mountain Education Fund

Since 2004, we have encouraged and funded the education of employees’ family members. We know how important education is in today’s society. Any member of our team can apply for an academic scholarship to further their relative’s learning and create opportunities which otherwise might not be available to them. To date, in the US alone, the Iron Mountain Education Fund has given away more than $225,000.

Mountaineer Employee Relief Fund

The Mountaineer Employee Relief Fund is a shining example of the Iron Mountain culture and the Mountaineer spirit. With operations in the New Orleans area, some of our employees experienced devastating losses during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Mountaineers from across the company responded immediately by sending financial donations to the company to distribute to their colleagues in need. The company received such an outpouring of support that they were able to assist everyone with their immediate needs and have enough left to start the Mountaineer Employee Relief Fund. Today, this fund offers temporary financial aid to Mountaineers and their families impacted by a catastrophic event. Employees continue to donate to this fund regularly and Iron Mountain matches these contributions. More than $500,000 has been distributed worldwide since 2005. To learn more, visit www.IronMountainReliefFund.com.

Professional Development

Empowering our EmployeesIron Mountain is committed to investing in the training and development of our most valuable asset – our employees. Training investments span all areas including management and skills development, operational and workflow-driven training, safety & security training, compliance, and training focused on driving revenue and growth for the organization.

Some highlights of our program include:

  • In 2011, our Learning Solutions team created over 200 hours of new blended learning programs across a broad range of topics and roles for our North America business.
  • We have a North America Operations (NAO) Management Training Program, which includes 60+ hours of curricula, designed to prepare NAO People Leaders for all aspects of their roles at Iron Mountain. This program provides our front-line leaders with the skills and tools they need to effectively manage performance of the individuals who report to them, the operation itself, and ensures front-line employees realize the benefits of having a strong leader.
  • Our Summit New Hire Training for Account Management combines 17 eLearning modules, a 5-day instructor led workshop and 40 Hours of OJT training to prepare our Account Managers for their role in driving revenue and building relationships with our customers.
  • Our Compliance Training Program rolled out 8 new courses in 2011, some of which touched audiences globally and were translated into over 20 languages. At Iron Mountain, compliance training is a priority and we have invested significant resources to empower all our employees to protect our organization, our customers and one another.


With operations in over 30 countries, Iron Mountain benefits from an exceptional global talent pool. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique perspectives to their roles and we are are proud of our approach to hiring, promoting, and encouraging diversity throughout the company. As an example, our U.S. workforce is approximately 50% minority (as defined by U.S. law). Through the development of employee resource groups, commitment to hiring veterans and our supplier diversity program, we are continuing to build a culture which embraces the differences of all of our stakeholders.

Employee Resource Groups

This year, we launched our first Employee Resource Group (ERG), Women@IronMountain. This grassroots effort originated last year when several employees who were passionate about diversity and women’s leadership came together to design a foundation from which this network, and other groups like it in the future, can grow.

The goals for this program include:

  • Encouraging dialogue about the impact of diversity on our business and our employees
  • Creating networks, role modeling and mentoring relationships
  • Offering professional development opportunities
  • Researching and recommending programs and policies to support diversity
  • Pursuing activities in the workplace and community that promote Iron Mountain as a great place to work

100,000 Jobs Mission

1000 Jobs MissionWe believe that our company culture is enriched by the experiences of our employees. As part of our commitment to employing a diverse group of individuals, Iron Mountain joined 16 other corporate partners in a campaign known as the “100,000 Jobs Mission.” By signing on with this mission – hosted by JPMorgan Chase – the participating companies have agreed to collectively employ 100,000 military members transitioning from active duty and other veterans by the end of 2020. By taking part, Iron Mountain will benefit from the talent, skill and discipline of qualified candidates while supporting our armed forces and the individuals who have served our country. To learn more, visit 100000jobsmission.com and watch this video.

Supplier Diversity

Iron Mountain also maintains a commitment to working with local, diverse suppliers to meet the needs of our company and customers in a cost-effective manner. We have a formal Supplier Diversity Program within our North American operations. Currently, over 35% of all Iron Mountain suppliers within North America are small, women-owned and/or minority-owned enterprises.