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A Letter to Our Customers
An open letter to our customers from our President, Harry E. Ebbighausen.

2012 - Let's Connect...

In 2011, we celebrated our 60th anniversary which represented a significant milestone for Iron Mountain. As with any major “life event”, this presented us with an opportunity to reflect on our business and services. The general theme of these musings is that, in this age of technology and mass communication, building solid connections with our customers is the cornerstone of a long-term business relationship; and your relationship is very important to us. So as we head into the New Year, I’d like to connect with you and share some of those reflections, as they are mostly about you, our customer.

We Will Be Better Listeners

To help improve communication and understanding, we launched a formalized Voice of Customer Program so that we can connect with a broad array of customers – more frequently and more consistently. As part of this effort, we implemented an extensive Customer Experience survey with the intent of better understanding your expectations of our company. Based on feedback from thousands of customers like you, we identified a number of insights that will help us improve our services and inform our future investments. We’re going to be sharing these insights further, but here is an early preview:

  • You want to be heard... our response rate for the Customer Experience survey was 11% - this is higher than average for surveys of this type.
  • You have ideas and suggestions for improvements and additional services; we received almost 1,000 unique comments which we have been addressing across the organization.
  • You told us we could do better in areas like our call center, issue resolution, invoicing and account management.

In addition to the recent survey, we have taken steps based on your feedback to enhance a number of key customer touchpoints. For example, in 2011 we implemented a customer care initiative which is driving improvements to first call resolution rates and significantly reducing call transfer rates – a key theme that was highlighted in the survey. Similarly, based on your feedback, we’re also taking a closer look at our billing systems and advancing our efforts for electronic invoicing and payment. Both of these initiatives will be areas of investment for us in 2012.

We Will Respond to Your Feedback

It’s one thing to listen, but it’s crucially important that we respond appropriately to your suggestions for being a better business partner. In 2012, we’ll leverage the insights gleaned in our survey, and we’ll continue to measure the performance of customer touchpoints in areas such as our call center, issue resolution, pricing and online systems (to name a few). We know your experience with these various Iron Mountain teams and systems informs your overall experience and perception of us as a partner. We want to be the company you love doing business with; the one you’d recommend because you know we’re committed to your success. We’ll continue to openly communicate with you about the investments and enhancements we make in the business, and I hope you’ll see first-hand the difference in your experience.

We Will Continue to Solve Your Information Management Challenges

As you are probably aware, in June of 2011, we sold a portion of our digital assets. Nevertheless, I want you to know we’re committed to helping you manage both physical and digital information. We think this is a requirement for comprehensive information management and compliance practices. We believe we can deliver a great information management experience without having also to be primary software developers. By partnering with other vendors, we can focus on your unique challenges and bring forward best practices and leading technology. As an example, we recently partnered with GimmalSoft to co-develop a solution that will enable our customers to manage physical and digital files through key existing enterprise technology platforms like SharePoint 2010. These are the types of partnerships and investments we will continue to make. Iron Mountain remains focused on helping you manage your data how and when you want and in the environments that make the most sense for you.

In closing, I want to say thank you for your business and your investment in Iron Mountain over the past 60 years. We are working hard to continue to earn your trust every day and I hope you see we are committed to enhancing your overall experience with Iron Mountain. As much as we appreciate your business, we really value your feedback.

Please share your thoughts by e-mailing me at

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Harry Ebbighausen

Harry E. Ebbighausen
President, North America, Iron Mountain
745 Atlantic Avenue / Boston, MA 02111

60 Year Anniversary
60 Years of Information Management

Take a look back at the events that shaped our company and our industry.

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