James Anderson

James Anderson - Iron MountainWhen Record Center Coordinator James Anderson was 8 years old he started playing football through an organization in his neighborhood. It stuck with him and he’s been involved in youth football in Detroit at various levels for almost 25 years.

James came back to volunteer with his own youth football league after college and ultimately went on to be the league president for four years. He’s now involved with a different youth league and finds it to be equally rewarding. He said it’s been challenging over the last two to three years, because the kids’ home lives have been more difficult than they’ve been in the past. So he really values being able to play a positive role in their lives.

“We just try to do everything we can do to give back,” James said.

Participation in youth football helps kids become better athletes, go off to high school and continue to move forward academically, explained James. The program sends many of its players to a high school in Michigan that sends 95 percent of students to college after graduation.

James said he thinks it’s awesome that Iron Mountain gives employees the opportunity to volunteer through Moving Mountains. He also takes time with his Iron Mountain team to help out at a local food bank. Every week they send 4 to 5 people to volunteer. They set a goal a goal this year of volunteering there for 52 weeks and haven’t missed a week. “If you’re sitting on the fence about volunteering, just try it,” he said. “Because you’ll find it’s very gratifying to help others.”