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Iron Mountain Federal Information Asset Framework

A Solid Roadmap to Meet the Directive Deadlines

To achieve compliance with the Presidential Directive and agency RM goals, Iron Mountain has developed The Federal Information Asset Framework. The framework delivers a clear roadmap to help agencies modernize records management, regardless of a record's format, location or the current status of an agency's RM efforts.

The Iron Mountain® Federal Information Asset Framework is closely aligned with primary requirements of the Presidential Directive, and is structured to help agencies achieve two primary objectives:

  • Organize their records to meet Directive deadlines (enabling them to take control of past and present records now)
  • Strategically migrate to digital state (thereby optimizing records management for the future

To learn more about the Framework, please view the video about how Iron Mountain can help you.

White Paper

Meeting Directive Deadlines: A Clear Road Map For Federal Information Asset Management
Establishing a strong RM foundation is not just about organizing and filing records. It is about enabling agencies to search, locate and review information to make better decisions, faster. In turn, solid records management empowers agencies to achieve their core missions.

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The Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records instructs all federal agencies to modernize their records management policies, inclusive of both paper and digital records. Additionally, agencies are expected to both reduce costs and promote openness and accountability. This can be a formidable challenge to your agency. Fortunately, Iron Mountain is ready to help.

Iron Mountain can help you comply with the Directive in immediate and significant ways. By drawing on our more than 60 years of federal agency partnering experience, you will be able to:

  • Organize, store and, when appropriate, destroy paper records while remaining in compliance with National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements
  • Better access and manage digital and paper files
  • Remain operational in the event of a disaster
  • Provide easy access to information for Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests
  • Free up valuable office and storage space

Bottom line? You will gain important efficiencies across the breadth of your agency's information management activities even as you drive your operating costs down.

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Capabilities Statement Federal Services

White Paper

Bridging the IT and RM Divide
to Achieve Records Management Directive Goals

White Paper

Why It's Critical to Begin the Process
of Unifying Physical and Electronic

Keep Records Secure and in Compliance

Case Study

Data Sheet: Federal Records Storage for Paper Records
Withstand the rigors of a federal inspection with our Federal Records Storage for Paper Records solution.

Case Study

The Path to Federal Records Compliance
You can follow a process for developing a NARA-Compliant federal records management program.

Info Graphic

Federal Records and Information Management: Ready to Rumble?
Info Graphic

Case Study

Protecting the Past & Leaving Room for the Future:
Challenges Facing Federal Records Management

White Paper

Federal Records and Information Management: Ready to Rumble?
White Paper

Digitize Government Records

Case Study

Data Sheet: Image on Demand™
Meet your unique records management needs, such as fast response to Open Government Initiative and FOIA requests, with Iron Mountain Image on Demand.

White Paper

Article: Papers to Pixels
Manage hybrid record environments - digital and physical.

Electronic Records Expertise

Data Sheet

Data Sheet: Rule Your Information
Manage electronic records alongside physical records, both onsite and offsite, from a common SharePoint experience to achieve a unified view across physical and electronic records.

Ferris Report

Report: Setting Retention Policy for Electronic Information
Practical recommendations for organizations wishing to define and implement retention policy for electronic information.

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Whitepaper: Protecting Your Information As If It Were Our Own
Iron Mountain’s security practices are guided by high corporate standards and driven by business-focused teams that are dedicated to safeguarding information and assets — now and in the years ahead.

Data Back Up and Recovery

White Paper

White Paper - Requirements for Federal Records Management Facilities

White Paper

Solution Brochure - Federal Government

White Paper

Solution Brief - Federal Data Backup

White Paper

White Paper - Freedom of Information

Vital Records Preservation

Data Sheet

Preserving Historical Record Formats
Iron Mountain Federal Historical Records Management

Data Sheet

Secure Your Essentials
Iron Mountain Federal Vital Records Management


Podcast: Vital Records Are Critical
Learn what constitutes a vital record and how to identify, care for and protect these critical assets for your agency in this informative podcast.

White Paper

White Paper: Important Versus Vital Records
The magic 5% you can’t live without

Ensure the accessibility and usability of vital records.

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