Healthcare Information Governance: Big Picture Predictions and Perspectives
Healthcare Information Governance:
Big Picture Predictions and Perspectives

Topics: Health Information Governance

As the volume and variety of information in the healthcare industry continues to grow, the need for Information Governance is paramount. To help health systems make progress on their IG journey, we have created this eBook that features the predictions and perspectives on Health Information Governance from leading industry experts. Both those from within the healthcare industry and those with a cross-industry perspective provide their views on critical IG-related challenges, and strategies to accelerate the journey to IG.

What is return on information?
What is Return on Information?

Information Economics is managing and leveraging information created and received by an organization with a view to the bottom line. Every business needs an enterprise-wide information strategy that aims to reduce risk, ensure compliance, lower costs, and now – with the emergence of big data - prepare for analytics. Information Economics provides a comprehensive and collaborative strategy to help organizations optimize information value and limit risk at every stage from the initial creation of records and information through their active life and secure destruction.

The Cost of Inertia
The Cost of Inertia: Insight from the Iron Mountain Data Protection Predictors Study

The modern data protection landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Data is growing exponentially, new and evolving regulations are appearing all the time, litigious activities are increasing and not a week goes by without news of a natural disaster or other emergency severely impacting a location – and the lives of the people living and working there. Clearly in such an environment, being able to protect your data is more important than ever.

Digitize Your Workflow To Streamline Your Process

Topics: Paper to Digital

Records management is transitioning to digital-based management and technology solutions. The speed of this transition will vary from company to company, but its inevitability is certain: Organizations are experiencing dramatic growth in digital records, dictating that future solutions will be digital.

How to Derive Significant Business Value Through Companywide Records Management

Regulatory compliance and defensibility can be achieved only if policy is consistently applied and controls are built into day-to-day operations across the enterprise. Most companies recognize the importance of applying consistent records management policies and procedures. They also recognize that an enterprisewide approach is required to deal with the dramatic growth of electronic records and the increasing possibility that data critical to running the business could be isolated in disconnected silos.