Information Governance: An Advice and Action Guide

Information Governance An Advice and Action Guide | Iron Mountain

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Records and information live in every part of your business and in every aspect of your life. From helping you to discover the next generation of products that will fuel your commercial success to understanding your own medical history, information holds untold value - and presents equally significant risks.

Information Governance gives you a framework for maximizing information’s value to your organisation, achieving compliance and reducing risk. Our guide will help you establish a clear strategy for governance and manage the practicalities of change. Use it to stay focused on planning and building a program that’s right for your organization.

In our guide, you’ll find expert advice on:

  • What Information Governance is.
  • How to tailor your information governance model.
  • Who should fill roles and responsibilities.
  • When to measure the value of your program.

Information Governance – An Advice and Action Guide is the result of collaboration between subject matter experts and our own customers. It’s a resource designed to help businesses of all types manage the information challenges they face.

Download the guide and start changing the way your organization sees information