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Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services

In an increasingly competitive business environment, businesses face a growing list of challenges. Among the questions we at Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services hear most are:

  • How can I generate more leads?
  • How can I get my company’s product information into prospects’ hands more quickly?
  • How can I cut through all the marketing ‘noise’ and be sure my message is read?
  • How can I promote and protect my company’s brand, comply with industry and government regulations and still be creative?
  • And how can I do more with less?

Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services can help you address these challenges and more. We work consultatively with our customers to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business goals and markets and craft customized solutions to their needs from our fully integrated, scalable suite of tools and services. Whether your company is large or small, your communication needs simple or complex, we can help you gain a competitive advantage.

In this book, we’ve included scenarios that illustrate how Iron Mountain customers are using fulfillment best practices, coupled with our customized solutions, to create real competitive advantages. We hope their stories will inspire you to challenge us to do the same for you and your company.

Accelerate Your Business By Optimizing Your Print And Fulfillment Programs With Iron Mountain.

Solutions We Offer:

Pick-And-Pack Fulfillment

Place collateral orders in any quantity by stock number, description, product manager, product line or keyword search. Our web-based portal reduces fulfillment time from days to just hours and provides real-time tracking for both orders and inventory

Design On Demand

Create customized brochures, mailers, newsletters and more from your desktop with eCustomize,™ Iron Mountain’s powerful design-on-demand application. Just choose a template from your digital library, add personal data, tailor content to recipient needs and interests, then add supporting graphics or images. Built-in rules ensure compliance with company standards and regulatory guidelines.

Digital Printing

Print just what you need, as you need it. Iron Mountain’s digital print and electronic document capabilities are the right solution for materials that require personalization, frequent changes, small quantities or fast delivery.

Customized Kits And Booklets

Create and build complex kits and booklets in minutes with a few clicks of your mouse. Our web-based eKit tool is fully integrated with our online ordering portal. Use the menu to select items; add logos, signatures and contact information; select your packaging or binding; and upload your mailing list. We assemble, finish and ship your completed kits.

Lead Response Fulfillment

Leverage our lead fulfillment resources to follow up on valuable business leads with timely, organized, trackable responses. Iron Mountain’s lead fulfillment solution integrates with a wide range of systems and databases. We can also handle multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns using our internal resources or integrate with outside call centers to trigger follow-up communication.

Print Management

Take advantage of our strategic partnerships with premier offset printers throughout the world. These partnerships offer our customers access to the fastest, highest quality print services whenever and wherever needed, at competitive prices.

Regulatory Compliance

Leverage Iron Mountain’s expertise to implement a comprehensive compliance program that proactively safeguards your physical and electronic records, shields you from unnecessary risk and helps you control costs.

Benefits Of Better Communications

Customer Challenge

A major West Coast employee benefits provider’s print inventory had grown to several thousand items detailing insurance products, programs and regulatory disclosures. Prospective members and customers often received 20 or more individual pieces of collateral loosely inserted in a pocket folder, creating a costly, unattractive sales package. Because this insurer routinely stocked larger quantities of each item than it used, the company’s printing, storage and obsolescence costs were astronomical.

Iron Mountain Solution

Using a multi-pronged, consultative approach, Iron Mountain and this insurer worked together to analyze their existing inventory in relation to business goals, customer needs and regulatory requirements. From this analysis came recommendations for combining or eliminating collateral, which greatly reduced inventory and produced immediate savings in print and storage costs. The analysis also helped determine optimal order quantities and reorder points, to reduce rush reprint charges and waste due to obsolescence.

Next, we and the client identified hundreds of pieces of collateral that were suitable for digital printing. This technology, combined with Iron Mountain’s electronic kitting capability, allows the insurer’s sales representatives to order what they need on a just-in-time basis from an online document repository and add personalization, as appropriate. Iron Mountain then handles printing, assembly and shipping within 24 hours of receiving the order. Our online ordering system includes programming that prevents users from accessing collateral for products or markets for which they are not licensed. It also links pieces that must be provided together, so that ordering a quantity of one piece automatically produces an order for the same quantity of the accompanying document. To enhance the customer experience, the pocket folder stuffed with individual pieces was replaced by a perfect-bound booklet containing both offset and digitally printed materials customized to the needs of a specific recipient or market segment. The booklets look more professional and cost 50 percent less to produce than the pocket folders.


This comprehensive approach helped the insurer increase the relevance of its marketing materials, while reducing inventory size, storage and waste, for annual savings of more than $1 million.

“The booklets look more professional and cost 50 percent less”

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Customer Challenge

This $3 billion pharmaceutical manufacturer had one website through which sales representatives ordered drug samples and another for ordering drug-related marketing materials. The two sites didn’t communicate with each other, making it time-consuming and difficult for sales reps to get the right literature, in the right amounts, to distribute with samples, as required by law.

Iron Mountain Solution

The answer to this company’s marketing inefficiencies was to combine the two portals into one streamlined ordering and fulfillment system, with thumbnail images of each sample and piece of collateral for easier identification. The system is programmed to ensure that sales reps can order only drugs they are permitted to sell and that their sample orders always include the required literature. The company also took advantage of our custom kit-building capabilities, for a more coordinated, professional looking marketing package.


Sales representatives can now order more than 1000 pieces of marketing collateral, as individual items or as ready to- ship kits, through one site. Real-time order tracking helps the company maintain optimal inventory levels, and the built-in ordering rules ensure strict compliance with applicable company and industry regulations. The resulting efficiencies save this customer more than $200,000 annually.

Focused On The Task At Hand

Customer Challenge

This Fortune 100 Technology Manufacturer’s HR staff was printing and storing large quantities of materials and creating their own kits for hiring events and orientations held at more than 200 locations around the world. They sought a more cost-effective way to update, produce and distribute accurate, compliant recruiting and orientation kits, forms, employee handbooks and other human resources materials in multiple languages and versions.

Iron Mountain Solution

This client’s challenge was solved by converting most of their human resources materials to electronic files, allowing documents to be quickly updated, personalized and digitally printed as needed. Iron Mountain’s web-based ordering system includes rules to ensure that users order the right documents and most recent versions in the right languages. For largescale events at specific locations, we assemble highly customized kits and ship them directly to the location of the event. For more general usage, we compile a specified number of kits and hold them in inventory, shipping them as we receive orders.


The customer can now create, personalize, print, assemble and ship materials as needed, eliminating excess, outdated inventory, and costly reprinting, re-kitting and reshipping. Local offices get what they need, when they need it, while human resources staff has been freed to focus on mission-critical tasks and goals.

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Is Your Fulfillment Company Part of the Problem or the Solution?

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