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Acuity Management Solutions - Iron Mountain


Build a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity platform


A unique technology escrow and hosting solution developed for Acuity


  • Addresses critical need for ensuring business continuity and information protection
  • Delivers continuity services that replicate the entire SaaS application to a secure recovery environment administered by neutral third-party experts
  • Puts clients at ease knowing that they can execute their plan independently, anytime

Protects Client’s Investment In Their Cloud-Based Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) Solution

Acuity Management Solutions is a provider of enterprise legal management software delivered via the Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, model. The company focuses on next-generation challenges of counsel: providing analytics and intelligence from Acuity ELM’s matter management, e-billing and collaboration stack that fuels development and implementation of long-term legal strategies for inhouse legal teams.

Acuity identified the need to satisfy Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) policy for their clients and prospects and answered the call by turning to Iron Mountain Intellectual Property Management.

Looking For A Business Collaborator Versus A Vendor

In order to bring their vision to life, Acuity realized they needed a long-term, consultative partner -- not just a cookie cutter vendor. They wanted to work with a specialist that deeply understood the technology escrow and IP landscape so that they could bring a truly compelling proposition to market.

Acuity realized that out-of-the-box solutions readily available in the marketplace only solved pieces and parts of the overarching need, so they sought out a creative and collaborative partner to architect a configurable, versatile business continuity and disaster recovery stack that met all of their requirements. Iron Mountain was a trusted brand that offered an existing technology escrow solution for SaaS – called SaaSProtect. Iron Mountain’s SaaSProtect Business Continuity Services offer a disaster recovery and risk management solution for companies involved on both sides of SaaS relationships. The company also maintained relationships with topnotch data center resources. By leveraging NEC Corporation of America for their secure private cloud offering (located in Iron Mountain’s nationally recognized underground data center in Boyers, Pennsylvania), a market-first was created whereby the hosting company became a critical part of Acuity Protect.

Acuity’s Director of Product and Marketing, Pam Jowdy, observed, “You’re talking about legal data, proprietary data, and accounts payable data. There’s zero tolerance for missing the mark, ever. We didn’t want to mess around with any tier two players -- we wanted to build out our product with the experts that know this landscape inside and out.”

“As an expert in the escrow and continuity services space, Iron Mountain was certainly top of mind. Particularly in the legal industry, we hear Iron Mountain recommended all the time with great regard.”


Enabling SAAS In The Enterprise Markets

While clients and prospects continue to recognize the affordability and agility benefits of cloud-based software delivery, they remain concerned about the risks of their software application and proprietary data living off-premises. This perceived risk prompted Acuity to architect Acuity Protect.

Demonstrating trust and satisfying the GRC policies of its clients help Acuity to reduce sales cycles and bring compliance, risk and technology teams into the implementation discussion much earlier in the process. Teaming with Iron Mountain and NEC to create a fail-safe contingency solution for clients and prospects represents a key differentiator in winning new business. Acuity Protect addresses those concerns about the “what-ifs” that can occur with cloud service providers.

“Acuity Protect gives us a market differentiator – we’re not aware of any other SaaS provider in the legal space that provides this level of service and continuity.”


Protecting SAAS Investments For The Long Haul

Through their consultative approach, Iron Mountain and NEC helped Acuity to differentiate their SaaS solution with the development of the Acuity Protect offering. Acuity clients now have the option to replicate, recover, and restore their Acuity ELM software and data in a remote, secure private cloud environment. This comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan from Acuity protects clients’ SaaS investment and satisfies complex compliance and governance requirements.

Johnston concludes, “This solution is like having an exact replica of your car fully tuned, ready to go, and purring. There’s no putting it together, there’s no assembling the data, there’s no trying to find support. It’s up and running and ready. Acuity Protect is a significant improvement over what our competitors can deliver. We’re really excited about it.”

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