Fulfillment Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Topics: Marketing Fulfillment: Best Practices

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Making Marketing Collateral Efficient, Effective and Compliant

Pharmaceutical leader relies on Iron Mountain to optimize product and promotional materials

Fulfillment Services: Client Overview


A global leader in the pharmaceutical industry.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing.


With more than $3 billion in pharmaceutical sales each year, precise distribution of marketing materials to their field sales force is imperative.

“Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services identified efficiencies throughout the system that resulted in an annual savings of $200,000.“


Regulations surrounding pharmaceutical products and their marketing materials can change quickly, requiring a nimble sales force backed by accurate, up-to-date sales materials. This pharma manufacturer needed to distribute the latest product information and promotional materials to thousands of field sales representatives throughout the United States quickly and efficiently.


  • Create a web-based order system for easy, 24-hour access from anywhere in the country.
  • Optimize communications to ensure relevancy, eliminate redundancy and waste, and maintain compliance.


  • Ensure fast, accurate delivery of time-sensitive marketing communications with flexible staffing and guaranteed turnaround times.
  • Sales reps can now order more than 1,000 marketing pieces as individual items or prepackaged kits through one web-based order site.
  • Customize order system with built-in business rules to control inventory and ensure compliance.

Critical Success Factors

The ability to fulfill urgent orders is critical to this client. We identified and corrected inefficiencies in this pharmaceutical company’s fulfillment process to ensure fast service (for example, assembling and shipping 900 customized kits within 24 hours). Our streamlined processes also save the company $200,000 annually.

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