Maximize the Business Value of Your Information

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In today’s world, information — whether in paper or digital format — is your company’s most important asset. One that’s vital to serving customers well, making sound business decisions, capitalizing on new opportunities, fulfilling regulatory mandates and more.

Are your information assets really delivering the value they should? Are you able to turn paper and digital records to maximum advantage? Or is this an area of opportunity — where better information management practices could help your business realize cost savings, improve efficiency and reduce risk?

You May Be Wondering: How Can Your Business Get More Value From Its Physical and Digital Information Assets?

The key is taking a consistent approach to information management - one that includes:

  • Identifying what paper and digital records to keep and for how long to avoid the costs associated with storing records longer than required for operational and regulatory requirements
  • Knowing how to organize and secure information, while ensuring usability and accessibility by optimizing workflows and applying technology
  • Determining when and how to securely destroy records at the end of their useful life to protect privacy These concepts may be simple to grasp, but they’re not so easy to put into action. And, that’s where Iron Mountain can help.

A Broad Portfolio of Services and Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Helping you maximize the business value of information is our mission. We work with stakeholders across companies to identify and prioritize needs and create a solution that fits current and future requirements, as well as budget constraints.

Every step of the way you’ll benefit from our practical advice that comes from decades of experience in the practice of information management, as well as an unmatched investment in advanced technology and process innovation.

We’ll help you choose the solutions that fit your needs from our comprehensive information management services, which are designed to help reduce risks, drive cost savings and improve business efficiencies.

We are unique in the industry due to our consistent management of information regardless of location and media type or format. Your company will gain better control of physical and digital information — wherever it lives: on your premises, at ours or even in our cloud. What’s more, strong security and chainof- custody measures are at the core of every service we offer.

Consulting Services

Complementing and strengthening our services is Iron Mountain’s team of consultants, who are experienced information management practitioners. They stand ready to help you take on even the most complex challenges with practical advice and implementation services to speed the time to value from your investment.

Trusted and Tested

Our focus is on delivering your information where and when you need it. To that end, we’ve invested in the resources and support to make this goal a reality. And our 140,000+ customers have responded — entrusting Iron Mountain with their valued information assets.

Business Value Maximized

When you work with the Iron Mountain team, you have access to the broadest service portfolio in the industry — and expertise that you simply will not find anywhere else. As your trusted information management partner, we’ll help you:

  • Drive cost savings by defining better retention policies, improving indexing and access, consolidating records to free up valuable floor space, streamlining information handling and accelerating the effective transition from paper to digital records
  • Boost business efficiency via solutions that improve access to business documents — regardless of format or the environment in which they are created, stored and managed — and increase knowledge management and collaboration so your staff can do their jobs better
  • Control the risk associated with regulatory compliance, audit and litigation with the help of solutions that enforce corporate governance and increase end-to-end transparency of physical and digital information


Document Workflow Consulting
Document Workflow Consulting

Through Document Workflow Consulting, Iron Mountain helps you assess how well your current document management environment is supporting core business needs. We then help you redesign your document management workflows to achieve key goals such as streamlining business processes, integrating paper and electronic records, enhancing compliance, and reducing document management costs and complexity.

The Positive Effects of Information Management
The Positive Effects of Information Management

Evidence shows that in today’s business environment, most companies take a reactive approach to information management — choosing to implement the proper measures only after an event has revealed a weakness and created the need for improvement.