Comprehensive, Integrated Management of Physical and Electronic Documents

Fast, easy, and reliable access to essential documents is critical for most companies. Yet for many organizations, document management is highly fragmented, inefficient, and costly — involving a mix of paper-based and electronic records, active and rarely-accessed documents, onsite and offsite storage, and the use of multiple vendors.

Iron Mountain® Document Management solutions help you create a comprehensive, fully-integrated document management program that gives you complete visibility and access to all your business records — wherever and whenever you need them. In addition, our enhanced access and control systems can speed business processes, improve customer service, and support compliance requirements.

Regain Control

Our solutions help you create a uniquely-tailored document management program for secure, timely access to all your records — regardless of format or location. We provide integrated conversion and hosted image archiving services, and can also manage records early in their development to offer one-stop shopping for the entire lifecycle of a specific document. The results include faster access, better control of your documents, and an overall improvement in your business processes. In working with the Iron Mountain team, you can:

  • Simplify records management by integrating physical and digital records.
  • Improve productivity with fast, easily-distributed, simultaneous access to records.
  • Protect your business with enforced strategies for compliance and disaster recovery.
  • Save time and money by implementing a solution more quickly and with little or no capital investment

You can also evaluate your current document management environment and its related costs, assess your document management needs, and develop a managed solution that supports your business goals and complements your strengths and resources.

Transition Smoothly

Iron Mountain’s Document Management capabilities help you make a smooth transition from paper-based to electronic processes. With our comprehensive portfolio of Data Management solutions — which include everything from workflow consulting, to onsite and offsite active file room management, to document conversion and archiving — you can create a seamless infrastructure for all your records management needs.

Reduce Costs

An active records management solution reduces the cost of managing the files that directly support the business function of your organization, and likewise provides your company with the opportunity to be more cost-effective as it transitions to an electronic environment. Our intelligent scanning — customized according to the access requirements for a variety of different types of documents — can dramatically reduce your paper-to-electronic conversion costs. Throughout the process, frequently-accessed documents or document elements are always scanned. Documents that are rarely accessed are not scanned until they are actively requested, and, if requested, can be delivered to you quickly through our Image on Demand™ service.

Solve Critical Business Challenges

Our end-to-end solutions are tailored to the way you do business, helping you solve your most critical business challenges. Your partnership with us ensures a single source of support for both digital and paper-based records and implements industry-leading technology, years of experience, and best practice-based solutions to enhance processes in areas such as litigation support, human resources, and accounts payable. These tailored solutions will help the departments in your organization streamline their business systems, drive costs down, and improve access to your most sensitive records.

Active Records Management

Open Shelf File Storage offers a fully-outsourced, active records management program that helps you keep costs at a minimum by consolidating, organizing, and indexing your paper documents, archived images, and “ondemand” scans. These solutions also allow you to:

  • Reduce physical storage requirements and associated costs.
  • Access powerful reporting, searching, and file-tracking capabilities 24/7 with secure online access via Iron Mountain Connect™ or Accutrac® software.
  • Control conversion costs with Image on Demand — scan only what you need, when you need it.
  • Manage document lifecycles with a rigorous chain of custody, retention schedule planning, and certified record destruction.
  • Seamlessly integrate onsite management with offsite storage services.
  • Rely on our senior management expertise for guidance on special projects.
  • Eliminate training and turnover costs.

Document Conversion

With Iron Mountain, you can improve access to documents such as contracts, human resource files, invoices, and other key records by converting them into an electronic form. Document conversion can reduce the wait time to receive a requested document and can also help support compliance measures. Should you choose to convert your files with Iron Mountain you will likewise be able to:

  • Save money by imaging only what you need, when you need it with our Image on Demand service
  • Simplify x-ray management with radiology digitization.
  • Keep up with your current paper workflows by taking advantage of our desktop capture solutions.
  • Access your documents quickly and easily with the help of indexing and data extraction.

Hosted Image Archive

Iron Mountain’s high-capacity, high-availability hosted platform, Digital Record Center® for Images, provides storage and retrieval of your archived documents and gives you complete access to your records at any time and at any location. Leverage the platform to:

  • Quickly enable standard applications that provide predetermined forms/index fields based on extensive industry expertise in areas such as human resources, contracts, and finance.
  • Manage all types of digitized content, including document images, electronic office documents, printed output, audio, and video.
  • Address your organization’s unique filing and retrieval requirements with customized applications.
  • Rely on our secure, 24/7 online access for powerful reporting, searching, and file-tracking.
  • Mitigate your risk of business interruption with our highly-secure facilities and redundant systems.
  • Enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing and a managed service with zero investment in hardware, software, integration, ongoing management or maintenance document management.

Records Management Software

Track, manage, and apply policy to your active and inactive records throughout their entire lifecycle — wherever they reside — with our Accutrac software. The software enables you to:

  • Mitigate legal, regulatory, and compliance risks with the use of clear audit trails.
  • Control all records inventory easily and securely via a single Web interface.
  • Extend existing enterprise IT investments with integration-to-content management systems such as. IBM® FileNet®.

Complementary Services Records Management

Whether providing compliant records management services, vital records protection, or business records storage, Iron Mountain can help you protect your information assets across your industry’s broadest footprint. We provide you with secure, reliable, and easily-accessible offsite storage for all active, inactive, vital, and federal records.

Secure Shredding

Given the confidential nature of business records, it is critical to ensure the safe and total destruction of a document at the end of its lifecycle. Our secure shredding services help you protect the privacy of your company, your employees, and your customers by offering complete, regulation-compliant disposal of your most sensitive materials.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Whether you choose to physically transport and vault your backup tapes at one of our secure facilities or to backup your PC and server data through a secure Internet connection with our underground data centers, you can rest easy. Our comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery services place your information offsite, offline, and out of reach — yet the data is always accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

Digital Archive

Digital Archive Solutions provide secure, scalable, low-cost, and efficient archival storage with value-added services that make your stored information work smarter. Our solutions can also accommodate the management and long-term storage of emails, medical images, and medical files. We likewise provide supervision, data restoration, and electronic discovery support services. As part of our Storage-as-a-Service delivery model, Digital Archive Solutions help customers simplify the complexity of managing digital data while reducing the risks and costs associated with information growth within an increasingly stringent regulatory environment.

Electronic Discovery

Iron Mountain offers a range of services to help you proactively manage the growing volume of your messages, data, and records. Our strategic approach integrates powerful technologies, scalable infrastructure, and comprehensive client services to help in-house and outside counsel reduce risk, minimize costs, and simplify eDiscovery.