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Industry Fact

On-demand kitting eliminates storage fees, obsolescence and waste while providing timely, relevant response to recipients’ needs and interests.

Business Challenge

Collateral, premiums, Point of Purchase displays, samples and other business and promotional items represent your brand to the world. You spend significant sums to make them look good. Why risk ruining a good first impression by stuffing them all in a plain envelope or box for delivery?

When you have multiple pieces to send, it pays to go beyond basic fulfillment. A custom kit will make your materials stand out from the crowd, get opened immediately and make a great first impression every time.

How This Affects You

What if you could…

  • Conveniently organize printed materials, samples, promos, CDs and other 3-D content in one attractive package?
  • Create eye-catching kits that beg to be opened?
  • Include relevant, personalized materials?
  • Create your kit in minutes, instead of days?
  • Cost-effectively outsource the labor-intensive task of compiling, organizing and bundling materials for your kits?
  • Conveniently order or reorder with a few clicks of a mouse, any time, from anywhere?

Start Kitting With Ekit

eKit, Iron Mountain’s online kitbuilding tool, lets you create custom kits and booklets on demand, from any computer, 24 hours a day.

  1. Simply select the materials you want and the order in which you want them presented.
  2. Combine offset and digitally printed pages and add three-dimensional content like CDs or promotional items.
  3. Then decide how you want to house them – in a folder, envelope, binder, spiral - or perfect-bound book.
  4. Once you’ve finalized all the elements of your kit, upload your mailing list or choose recipients from your online address book and place your order.
  5. Then relax. Iron Mountain will handle the actual production, assembly and delivery of your kit.

And because our GroupTrak™ system retains a record of every kit created, reordering is a breeze.

Add Pizazz With Personalization

Using Iron Mountain’s eCustomize design-on-demand tool and digital printing capabilities, you can personalize forms, add contact information, imprint logos, customize labels and customize your packaging. You can also use digital printing with variable data to create multiple versions of a kit for recipients in different locations, divisions, job functions and more.

With eCustomize you can create targeted, personalized materials quickly and easily whenever you need to. Maintain your brand standards by using your own templates and built-in rules ensure that users can access and modify only the information appropriate for their job function, level, sales territory, products or other criteria set by management.

Uses Limited Only By Your Imagination

Kits are an ideal way to ceonveniently and attractively package materials for:

  • Trade Shows
  • Investor and shareholder meetings
  • Media and press kits
  • Product launches
  • Benefits enrollment kits
  • Welcome kits for new members or accounts
  • Policy, procedure, and product specification manuals
  • And much more...

On-demand kitting using Iron Mountain’s eKit lets you showcase your brand, products and services while saving you money and valuable staff time.

Customer Success

A Fortune 100 technology company’s human resources staff printed and stored large quantities of materials to hand-assemble kits for hiring events and orientations at more than 200 locations around the world. They needed a more cost-effective way to update, produce, collate and distribute accurate recruiting and orientation kits, forms, employee handbooks and other human resources materials in multiple languages and versions.

Iron Mountain met this need by converting most of their human resources materials to electronic files, allowing documents to be quickly updated, personalized, digitally printed and kitted as needed. HR staff can now create, personalize and order materials as needed, eliminating excess, outdated inventory, as well as costly reprinting and re-kitting.


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