Access To Accurate, Real-Time Information In Your Data Center Colocation

Business Challenge

Your rapidly changing business needs have a direct impact on your IT infrastructure deployment. Enterprises are increasingly adopting data center colocation as a way to reduce costs, quickly add capacity, and keep pace with changing requirements.

While there are clear benefits to colocation, you may be concerned about giving up visibility and control over your infrastructure deployment. Sending your IT staff to a remote facility to monitor your colocation deployment is expensive and time consuming. It can be challenging to load balance your deployment and plan for server migrations, upgrades, or consolidations without detailed reporting on power consumption and environmental data trends. It can be difficult to remotely maintain an up-todate inventory of your IT assets and spares, leading to higher hardware and maintenance expenses and increased risk of audit compliance.

What If You Could...

  • Monitor your colocation deployment as if it were in-house?
  • Plan for the future with real-time information about environmental and power utilization data?
  • Always have up-to-date access to inventory status of deployed and spare assets?

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Iron Mountain’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) portal gives you access to accurate, real-time information about the critical systems in your Iron Mountain colocation data center. From a simple Web-based portal, you can monitor power consumption down to the rack circuit and phase level to optimize cabinet power density. You can track environmental variables like temperature and humidity to optimize asset location and avoid hot or cold spots. And through integration with Iron Mountain® Compliant Asset Tracking Service (CATS), you can get real-time RFID-based asset tracking of your deployed assets.

Data is aggregated and presented in real-time via an easy-to-read dashboard. You will have the detailed reports and trend data you need to make plan changes in your system architecture while minimizing any issues with performance or power draw.

With the Iron Mountain® DCIM solution, you can manage colocation deployments with the same confidence as an in-house facility.

  • Detailed reporting to optimize power consumption and asset performance.
  • Real-time inventory management of all assets and spares with Iron Mountain’s RFID-based Compliant Asset Tracking Service (CATS).
  • Visibility into capacity and power utilization to facilitate efficient resource planning.

Technical Definitions

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)–
measures, monitors, and manages the mechanical, electrical, and IT systems in a data center.

Iron Mountain® Compliant Asset Tracking Service (CATS)–
tracks your assets in real-time with industry leading RFID technology and a real-time dynamic, auditable inventory management framework.

Real Time Monitoring

Iron Mountain® DCIM solution monitors all the mechanical, electrical, and IT systems within your Iron Mountain® colocation data center space and alerts you when capacity, power, and/or cooling loads are nearing pre-set limits. You get real-time, actionable intelligence about all the critical systems in your deployment. It provides you with a clear view of where space and power could be better allocated and what assets may be underutilized. You can now proactively plan ahead for proposed changes, such as the best ways to consolidate servers without overload.

Dashboard Visualization

Your deployment within the Iron Mountain® data center facilities is presented in an intuitive dashboard including accurate presentation of your space layout and real time metrics on your assets and power consumption.

Detailed Component-Level Reporting

With just a few clicks, you can quickly see the status of your deployment down to the component level in real-time. Alarms are delivered anywhere you want them: by email, phone, text, or pager. These status reports enable you to proactively respond to potential issues before they become critical incidents.

Capacity Planning And Cost Savings

Detailed reporting and usage trends of all critical assets and environmental parameters give you the information you need to plan for infrastructure changes. You can use this information to tune your existing infrastructure to peak efficiency to save on energy and delay or eliminate the need for facility expansion.

What You Gain

  • Visibility and control of your colocation deployment as if it were in-house.
  • Reduced operating expenses through improved power and environmental management.
  • Real-time asset inventory monitoring with RFID asset tracking and CATS integration.