Demand More from Your Data Center Environment

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Security + Compliance + Efficiency = No Surprises

The data center is the focal point of your business operations — and critically important to your organization’s success. But data center management is not easy.

Rapidly increasing storage requirements, growing power consumption and changing regulations have placed heightened demands on you — which makes it tough to accurately forecast growth and manage your budget. Plus, there’s growing pressure on your data center to support a cloud strategy that’s flexible enough to meet your current needs while aligning with future demands.

When you’re faced with these issues, it makes sense to reconsider your current data center strategy or think about moving to a colocation facility. But to effectively solve your challenges, you need something beyond space and power.

At Iron Mountain, we think you should demand more from your data center environment.

What if you could feel confident in your data center’s ability to support your evolving business needs?

And what if you could:

  • Find a service provider that is more than just a real estate company?
  • Work with an operationally sound provider that can help you deploy a flexible data center environment — and won’t require you to pay for capacity you don’t need?
  • Ensure your infrastructure aligns with your business continuity requirements?
  • Operate a data center that complies with the specific regulations governing your industry?
  • Rely on the same partner you trust to protect your information to deliver the security, compliance and services your data center operations require?

With Iron Mountain, you can.

Demand More

With Iron Mountain Data Centers, you can transition your operations to a more versatile data center — one that gives your organization:

More than just colocation.

Security and compliance matter. Move your data center to a secure, resilient, energy-efficient facility that is built in accordance with the most stringent regulatory standards — and includes around-the-clock support from full-time, Iron Mountain employed technicians.

More than just a building.

Your data center provider should do more than simply offer real estate. Transfer your operations to a facility that is managed using time-tested best practices, and supported by a comprehensive portfolio of services.

More than just a landlord.

You should be treated as a customer, not a tenant. Build a relationship with an established provider that employs proven processes and has been trusted to protect and manage organizations’ information for more than 60 years.

The National Data Center

The Iron Mountain National Data Center is unlike any other. Housed 220 feet below ground in a former limestone mine, our facility covers 145 acres and operates more like a small city than a single data center. The site features such natural advantages as low ambient temperatures and geothermal cooling, which leads to a low Power Utilization Effectiveness(PUE) rating. And, its unique location provides unparalleled protection from natural disasters.

Regional Data Centers

Our strategically located regional data centers feature an innovative design that maximizes floor space, provides multi-rack layout options and makes up to 10,000 square feet available for each “data hall.” These facilities are protected by a comprehensive security infrastructure, as well as construction that complies with Miami-Dade County wind-resistance standards and meets a 1.5 seismic rating. Redundant fiber entrances offer no single point of failure for network services. And, power systems are designed to the Tier III standard, far exceeding industry norms for electrical and cooling reliability.

Colocation Options

Iron Mountain Data Centers give you the option to choose a colocation approach that best fits your needs:

Wholesale Data Center

Provides dedicated, secure space with flexible and scalable growth options and metered power.

Retail Colocation

Gives you access to a secure, shared environment supported by scalable floor space and reliable power and cooling that flex as your business needs change.

Data Center Services

For 60 years, organizations of all sizes have trusted Iron Mountain’s services to protect their information. You can rely on the following offerings to help you optimize your data center environment:

Secure migration services

Provide the site surveys, business impact analysis reports, documentation, risk assessments and end-toend management you need to successfully complete a comprehensive migration.

Installation and remote hands services

Manage everything from large-scale server and storage deployments and complex cable installations to reboots and hard drive replacements.

IT asset tracking services

Track your organization’s IT assets in real time — from initial receipt to final disposition — using a dynamic, auditable inventory management framework.

Secure network services

Monitor bandwidth, ensure secure IP transport between data centers and offer the unique ability to securely transport data to the nearest “carrier hotel.”

Compliant IT security services

Assess your current risk posture and provide actionable recommendations that help you protect your infrastructure in accordance with industry regulations and information security standards.

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Stores your backup media at either the hosted data center facility or in one of Iron Mountain’s 60-plus tape vaulting locations — providing the secure, environmentally controlled conditions required to preserve media for disaster recovery or long-term retention purposes.

Secure IT Asset Disposition

Helps you safely recycle or repurpose data center assets that are no longer needed following your migration, as well as any equipment that has met its lifecycle requirements.

What You Gain

  • A new data center environment that provides the flexibility, scalability and capabilities you need to keep pace with changing demands
  • A secure, redundant infrastructure that helps you support business continuity requirements
  • A compliant environment that meets numerous regulatory standards
  • A partner that can help support your operations, so you can focus on the mission-critical applications and information that drive your business