Dedicated Transportation

Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting

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Business Challenge

Protecting sensitive information in transit is just as important — if not more so — as it is when it’s safely within your offsite storage facility. Ensuring information is protected is essential to safeguarding your brand, complying with regulatory requirements for securing information and avoiding costly penalties. When it comes to your company’s most valuable asset — its data — you need to know that you’re protected at all times, both in transit and at rest.

What If You Could...

  • Rest assured that your information is protected by the highest levels of security while in transit?
  • Reliably track the progress of your media from pickup to delivery?
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your media will be transported in a dedicated route between your facility and the data vault without stopping at any other customer facilities?

Iron Mountain Dedicated Transportation Service

Industry Fact

$7.2 million — the average cost per data breach event.

—Source: Dr. Larry Ponemon. “Cost of a data breach climbs higher.” Blog post . March 8, 2011.

Developed while working with some of the world’s largest financial services firms, Iron Mountain® Dedicated Transportation Service helps you establish a secure and documented chain of custody for the transportation of your sensitive information. The service:

  • Securely transports your media in a dedicated vehicle equipped with Iron Mountain InControl® solution that delivers patented security, tracking and auditable chain of custody
  • Uses our standard highly trained and thoroughly vetted drivers, with the option of assigning a second Iron Mountain employee to stay with your media at all times
  • Offers special add-on options, such as air transport (for distances greater than 500 miles from an Iron Mountain facility), Disaster Recovery Support programs and “one-time-only” tape library moves

With the Iron Mountain® Dedicated Transportation Service, you’ll have a secure and consistent approach to media transportation — and know you’re protected.

Dedicated Transportation Service At A Glance

Your Site

With Iron Mountain, you’ll never worry whether your media is protected once it leaves your site. Before transporting your media, we’ll leverage our PIN Verification Process to:

  • Electronically verify the authorization of the individuals involved in a media exchange
  • Ensure that all exchanges occur in person
  • Register all activity in Iron Mountain SecureSync® online media management application for later review and auditing

In Transit

Iron Mountain drivers are thoroughly vetted and follow best practices developed through thousands of dedicated transport engagements with some of the country’s largest companies. We’ll:

  • Load the media onto a dedicated, secure transport vehicle
  • Track your media with InControl solution, which includes unique vehicle security features, driver training and standard operating procedures
  • Securely transport the materials to an Iron Mountain storage facility

Iron Mountain Storage Facility

When your media arrives, you’ll know it is handled with the same level of protective care that’s afforded all media that enters a secure Iron Mountain storage facility. We’ll:

  • Confirm the receipt of your media through the SecureSync application
  • Vault the tapes or closed containers following best practices for media storage
  • Provide reporting capabilities you can use to prove chain of custody

Finally, the same safeguards and protective measures your media receives when it is transported from your location to an Iron Mountain storage facility are also available from our secure location back to your facility.

What You Gain…

  • Peace of mind that your organization’s sensitive information is securely transported from your location to an Iron Mountain storage facility and back again
  • Reduced risk of inadvertent disclosures through innovative, patented safeguards across the entire dedicated transportation process
  • A trusted transportation partner with millions of annual data protection deliveries