Document Workflow Consulting

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Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Implement Solutions, Customized to Meet Your Business Requirements

Streamlining Processes, Reducing Costs

As your organization has grown and evolved, document management workflows that were designed for one set of circumstances — and then adapted “on the fly” to suit changing conditions — may no longer be effective for addressing current needs.

Today’s users must be able to access key documents far more quickly, efficiently, and flexibly than in the past — and in the format that best suits their immediate needs. Yet outdated methods for capturing, storing, managing, retrieving, and distributing those records often stand in the way.

Through Document Workflow Consulting, Iron Mountain helps you assess how well your current document management environment is supporting core business needs. We then help you redesign your document management workflows to achieve key goals such as streamlining business processes, integrating paper and electronic records, enhancing compliance, and reducing document management costs and complexity.

Document Workflow Consulting can help you address the following areas:

  • Onsite and offsite management of physical records, identifying opportunities for space and cost savings and streamlined access
  • Cost-effective, efficient backfile conversions of large document libraries to electronic formats
  • Day-forward conversion of new documents, with a focus on seamless integration with day-to-day business workflows
  • Desktop document capture, allowing knowledge workers to image documents from widely distributed locations and quickly make them available for retrieval by end users
  • Implementation and training support to ensure a smooth transition to your enhanced workflow environment

Defining Your Requirements

Features At-A-Glance

  • Needs assessment
  • Evaluation of your current document workflow processes and environment
  • Financial analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation assistance delivered via Iron Mountain managed services

Working with your key stakeholders, Iron Mountain’s workflow specialists guide you through a discovery process that addresses key aspects of your environment and lays the groundwork for an effective solution tailored for your needs. Areas of focus include:

  • Support for business processes. What are your key business processes and what documents support those processes? What are the risks and costs when documents can’t be accessed quickly or can’t be found at all? What is the potential impact on revenue, customer satisfaction, partnerships, and regulatory compliance?
  • Document capture and retrieval. Which files and what specific documents within those files should be imaged? When in the document lifecycle and where should the documents be imaged? How should the documents be indexed to facilitate retrieval? Are access methods secure and auditable to document chain of custody?
  • Document storage and management. How much space, money, and staff resources are currently tied up in storing and managing documents onsite?

At what point can documents be moved offsite? Is your staff well versed in retention requirements for various types of records? How do you ensure that retention and destruction are handled in a compliant manner?

Guiding Your Path

Once this baseline information has been gathered, the Iron Mountain team compares your current workflows to industry best practices and performs an objective and detailed financial analyses. The team then provides recommendations and workflow guidance, customized to your specific needs. Through our extensive portfolio of Document Management Solutions, Iron Mountain can assist in implementing team recommendations quickly and cost-effectively.