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A Proven Process for Developing a NARA-Compliant Federal Records Management Program

In compliance with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)-required Facility Standards for Records Storage Facilities, it is time to follow the path to federal records compliance. Iron Mountain’s path to federal records compliance is a logical process that requires careful analysis of your existing federal records management program. To mitigate risk, many agencies and contractors rely upon Iron Mountain’s federal records storage expertise to help optimize their programs for greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Readiness Stages To Achieve Compliance with Iron Mountain:
Organize -> Assess
  • Define roles and responsibilities for governance, implementation, and administration.
  • Identify and inventory all federal records at all locations.
  • Assemble and inform your project team on 36 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1234 (CFR) and Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) requirements
  • Set expectations by defining execution strategy, agency objectives and constraints
  • Evaluate records management policy and procedures
  • Determine service expectations for federal records
  • Identify paper and electronic records management systems
  • Analyze federal records inventory to identify temporary, vital and permanent
  • Identify locations and volumes of federal records
  • Identify locations of federal records storage facilities
  • Determine transfer of ownership and chain of custody requirements
Develop -> Implement
Develop and implement a plan to physically move federal records into an Iron Mountain Federal Records Center.
  • Create and manage the project plan
  • Revise federal records retention policy
  • Establish and institute policies and procedures for managing federal records
  • Plan records transfer schedule, logistics and resources
  • Certify storage facility as compliant
  • Coordinate, train, deploy and manage records transfer resources
  • Transfer records to an Iron Mountain Federal Records Center
  • Employ controls to create an auditable chain of custody
  • Manage and reconcile processing exceptions
Manage -> Audit
Maintain compliance with ongoing program maintenance, enhancement and enforcement at all levels within the agency, including regular inspections.
  • Forecast future federal records storage needs and develop storage strategy
  • Provide timely and cost-effective access to your agency’s records
  • Properly classify all records
  • Consistently execute the retention policy and observe data quality best practices
  • Inspect operations to confirm faithful execution of policy and procedures
  • Monitor CFR and COOP requirements and modify program accordingly

How Iron Mountain Can Help

Iron Mountain federal records storage helps agencies and their contractors manage and protect their records to withstand the rigors of a federal records inspection. Our experts will help you assess your current state of compliance readiness by ensuring 36 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1234 (CFR) and Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) requirements are met.Then, we will work with you to address any identified gaps with a program that follows a repeatable, proven project methodology. The program will also provide an unmatched chain of custody and ensure NARA documentation requirements are satisfied. In addition, Iron Mountain federal records storage offers a network of NARA CFR certified storage facilities, on-going program monitoring, and the highest level of quality assurance. For more information, please call (888) 418-IRON.