Image on Demand™ Service

Topics: Store and Protect Information

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Save Costs With Just-In-Time Conversions

Many organizations are moving toward a digital environment; however, tremendous amounts of paper records still exist in today’s business space. The high cost of a full conversion usually means that only the most critical documents are handled digitally especially since, for many companies, converting 100% of physical records may not be the most cost-effective business practice. At Iron Mountain, we realize that there are different document conversion requirements, and we provide intelligent scanning options tailored to meet the specific access requirements for the varying types of documents that permeate the business world.

For both new and existing Iron Mountain customers, Image on Demand™ opens other avenues for improving customer service and providing added customer value. If companies anticipate a reasonably active retrieval rate on their physical documents stored with Iron Mountain, but don’t want to undertake a full digital conversion due to the high financial commitment, Image on Demand allows them to scan records “on demand” as requested, making those desired records available within hours. This pay-as-you-go service provides quick and easy access to these essential documents and minimizes costs by only imaging those paper files that are needed.

Image on Demand also serves as an alternative document delivery service for current Iron Mountain box or open-shelf storage customers. In districts where Iron Mountain offers Image on Demand, this delivery service can be used in tandem with the more traditional delivery methods like box, file, or fax.

A Tailored Solution

Iron Mountain has helped organizations around the world implement physical and digital records management services to streamline their operations. Our experienced team will work one on one with your organization to define, develop, and initiate the specifics of your Image on Demand solution. The result will be a practice that can meet your unique records management challenges, provide fast access to your most essential business documents, and stay within your budget.

Safe and Consistent Handling

With Image on Demand, you begin by using our Web based Iron Mountain Connect™ portal to select the document you would like to have imaged. Our team then carefully retrieves, prepares, and scans the document. Once the pages are scanned, each image is checked for clarity and readability. Any image that does not meet Iron Mountain’s quality standards is then re-scanned. Finally, we return the loose document to its original carrier and restore it to its original storage location.

Features At A Glance

  • Scan the documents you need, when you need them without the high cost of a full digital conversion.
  • Meet your unique records management challenges and gain fast access to your most essential business documents, all while still adhering to your budget.
  • Get fast, easy, and convenient retrieval (we can even provide rush delivery)
  • Employ a pay-as-you-go service model with no up-front capital expenditure.
  • Secure a rigorous chain of custody in which the original document never leaves the security of an Iron Mountain facility.

Secure and Timely Delivery

Once a document is scanned, you can choose to access it via a secure FTP site, have it emailed as a securely encrypted hyperlink or email attachment, or securely host it with anytime access via our Web-based hosted repository, the Digital Record Center® for Images. If you already have an electronic document management system in place, we can create and transmit the electronic document in a format that can be easily translated into your interface. No matter how the document is transferred, you can be sure it will be delivered quickly, safely, and without the original record ever leaving the security of an Iron Mountain facility.

No Capital Expenditure Required

Iron Mountain’s Image on Demand program is delivered as a pay-as-you-go service model that requires no up-front investment from your organization.

Manage All Records With A Single Solution

When you choose Image on Demand, you can opt to combine your active and inactive records into a single managed system with Open Shelf File Storage. With this combination in place, you can store both your active and inactive files together at an Iron Mountain facility, and can always access them electronically using Image on Demand. This reduces both the costs and complexities of your records management system.