Inventory Audit

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Business Challenge

You store media offsite to protect your organization, but what happens if your records don’t match up with what’s actually in the vault? If you have unknown or unresolved discrepancies, your organization risks being unable to find information when it’s needed or to get back up and run in the event of a disaster. Plus, you’re wasting resources searching for media — time you cannot afford to lose in today’s “do more with less” business environment.

What If You Could...

  • Positively know that your offsite backup media records match the actual inventory in the vault?
  • Prove to your management, as well as internal and external auditors, that you’ve complied with mandates to safely and accurately store media offsite?
  • Eliminate confusion and rework related to recordkeeping shortfalls?

Iron Mountain Inventory Audit

In 2011, more than 8.7 million records were breached due to lost or misplaced backup tapes.

— Source: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Chronology of Data Breaches

As an Iron Mountain Offsite Tape Vaulting customer, you already benefit from safeguards that prevent inventory problems from occurring. For example, you receive alerts by email and phone when a discrepancy is detected between the items you schedule for pickup and what arrives at the Iron Mountain facility.

The Iron Mountain Inventory Audit service, which is part of the Iron Mountain Data Backup and Recovery solution suite, provides an extra measure of confidence by helping you:

  • Inspect all, or a subset, of your physical media stored in an Iron Mountain facility
  • Prepare reports that confirm the vault contents and highlight any discrepancies
  • Respond to annual or quarterly mandates to inventory offsite media
  • Reduce the burden on in-house resources of traveling offsite to perform audits

With the help of the Iron Mountain Inventory Audit service, you’ll know that your organization is compliant with any internal and external mandates and that you’re prepared to get back up and run in the event of a disaster.

Inventory Audit At A Glance

Depending on your needs and the reason you’re performing an audit, there are several options available to support you.

Inventory Comparison

You can request a comparison of the inventory information you maintain in-house to the records in Iron Mountain’s SecureBase™ inventory management application. Simply submit a list of media barcodes in text file (.txt) format via the Iron Mountain SecureSync® portal, and we’ll generate a report that shows any discrepancies. There is no additional charge for this service, and we urge you to perform an inventory comparison as often as you like.

Logical Vault Audit

With the Inventory Audit service, you’ll know you have a full and accurate account of your offsite media inventory.

With this level of audit, Iron Mountain employees enter the secure vault and scan individual barcodes for all or a specified subset of your media. The information captured is used to confirm the presence and location of each digital asset — whether tape, CD or other media. When the audit is complete, a report is issued to all authorized users documenting the findings, including any errors, duplicates and/or missing items.

Customer Scan

You also have the option of coming to the Iron Mountain media vaulting facility to conduct an onsite audit using your own personnel. To support this effort, we’ll pull individual media or closed containers using a list you supply. You’ll be given space to work, and Iron Mountain personnel will participate in the audit — helping you resolve any errors that are uncovered.

What You Gain...

  • Confidence that your offsite media is ready to support your organization’s data backup and recovery needs
  • The freedom to focus valuable internal resource on business-critical work, rather than time-consuming inventory audit tasks
  • The ability to prove compliance to internal and external auditors