Optimize Your Off-Premises Disaster Recovery Strategy

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Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain Systems

Industry Fact:

Two out of every three companies using disk-based backup appliances select EMC Data Domain.1 And more than 80% of those customers choose Iron Mountain for offsite data vaulting.2

Business Challenge

You know how vitally important it is to prepare your organization to respond to a disaster event. But as you contend with explosive data growth and increasingly tight RTO and RPO requirements, becoming disaster recovery (DR) ready has never been more challenging than it is today.

Like many organizations, you may use tape as part of your backup and DR process. While tape is cost-effective and reliable for long-term retention, it can be labor intensive to manage and draw out recovery times. Plus, legacy tape systems consume space in your data center and add to maintenance expenses.

To solve these issues, many organizations rely on EMC Data Domain storage systems as a disk-based backup target. However, most organizations still use tape to vault a copy of their data offsite for DR purposes.

What If You Could...

  • Adopt a secure, fast, and cost-efficient way to send your data offsite?
  • Avoid the large capital expenditures typically associated with offsite data replication?
  • Eliminate on-premises tape infrastructures and use low-cost tape-out for remote archiving?

Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication For EMC Data Domain® Systems

The Iron Mountain® Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain Solution hosts a fully managed Data Domain replication target in Iron Mountain data center facilities. Iron Mountain provisions secure, high-speed, reliable network connectivity to make replication efficient over the wide area network (WAN). The solution provides everything you need to securely replicate your critical data offsite. As a result you can:

  • Fully protect your data offsite: Replicate your critical data to a fully managed Data Domain target hosted in a secure, compliant Iron Mountain data center.
  • Modernize your DR process: Eliminate legacy tape and backup infrastructures, simplify recovery, and protect your data for the long term.
  • Leverage cloud scalability and efficiency: Pay only for what you use with the help of capacity-based subscription pricing that is driven by optimized secure multi-tenancy.

Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication For EMC Data Domain Offers:

Comprehensive Offsite Data Protection

With Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain, you’ll be able to protect critical data faster and more frequently than legacy approaches. By replicating data to a Data Domain target hosted in an Iron Mountain data center, you can be sure your data is offsite and secure – and feel confident in your DR plan. And, you’ll avoid the capital expenses tied to a secondary target device or the reoccurring costs of operating a dedicated recovery site.

Offsite Tape Management

With the help of Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain, you can eliminate the need to write to on-premises tape for recovery purposes. However, you’ll still be able to use tape for archival or long-term retention uses. Iron Mountain can optionally cut to tape from the Data Domain system for extended retention in one of our secure vaults. We can also provide the Iron Mountain Archival Tape ManagementTM solution as a subscription service for guaranteed restoration of archival tape media, helping you eliminate onsite tape and legacy backup infrastructures, as well as the related maintenance.

A Secure, Multi-Tenant Cloud Environment

With Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain, you can take a more budget-friendly approach to data replication – simply pay for what you use today and easily scale as your needs change. Since it’s offered in a predictable, OpEx-based subscription model, you’ll be able to simplify budgeting and avoid significant capital expenditures. And by leveraging a scalable, multi-tenant environment that features point-and-click, self-service data restores, you can feel confident in your decision to move to the cloud.

What You Gain

  • Confidence that your data is both effectively protected and readily available in a recovery event
  • Peace of mind that you can recover at the speed your organization demands
  • Reduced capital expenditures and tighter alignment with your organization’s cloud directives
  • Increased productivity by freeing up staff from operating and maintaining legacy infrastructures

Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain in Action

Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain is built on the following products and services:

  • Iron Mountain Data Centers
  • EMC Data Domain
  • Iron Mountain Total Network Services
  • Iron Mountain Archival Tape Management solution

1 IDC. “IDC Purpose Built Backup Appliance market share.” 2013.
2 Iron Mountain/EMC account analysis.