Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting

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When you’ve made the choice to protect your organization by storing backups offsite, you want to know that the same safe, efficient and best-practice-based workflows will be followed – even when your branch locations have to contract a third-party courier for their media transportation.

What If You Could...

  • Know that your backup media reaches its destination safe and secure when it’s transported by third-party couriers?
  • Ensure consistent media management processes across all locations?
  • Quickly recover backup media by shipping them via your preferred courier whenever you need them?

Iron Mountain MediaCare

Industry Fact

Between 2010 and 2015, the storage of digital archives to tape will increase six-fold to over 81,000 petabytes.

—Source: Mark Peters. “NERSC: Proving Tape as Cost-Effective and Reliable Primary Data Storage.” Enterprise Strategy Group. December 2010.

Whenever you are faced with a situation that requires the services of a third-party transporter to bring your backup media to Iron Mountain, our MediaCare™ service is there. It provides peace of mind that once your media arrives at our vault, it is immediately received according to the same security measures and best practices that apply to every tape and electronic record delivered via an Iron Mountain vehicle.

MediaCare allows you to:

  • Help remote offices adhere to your data backup and recovery program
  • Achieve a unified view of your backup media regardless of how it’s transported to the Iron Mountain vault
  • Accelerate response times to audit, legal discovery and disaster recovery events

With the help of Iron Mountain MediaCare, you’ll know that your organization has a comprehensive approach to data backup and recovery that spans each of your locations. And, you’ll be able to reduce complexity and risk to your business — while enhancing compliance and control.

MediaCare At A Glance

SecureSync®: Visibility and Control

Iron Mountain’s Web-based media management system, SecureSync®, gives you a unified view of backup media vaulting operations, including data center and remote-site backup. Using SecureSync, you can request schedule changes, access scheduled and ad hoc reports, track exceptions and easily communicate with the Iron Mountain team.

Securing Media Transport Other Carriers

With MediaCare, backup tapes that you ship via a third-party courier to an Iron Mountain facility are logged and tracked upon receipt and entered into the SecureSync media management applicationed by. This gives you complete visibility and control over all of your offsite backup tapes, regardless of transport.

Delivering Comprehensive Consistency

Upon arrival, your media is treated with the high levels of care and security you’ve come to expect from Iron Mountain. With MediaCare, the same highly trained professionals confirm the safe arrival of your backup media at the Iron Mountain facility and store it following the same proven set of best practices we employ when vaulting backup tapes that arrive on one of our specialized vehicles.

Enabling Rapid Response

If an audit or recovery event occurs, Iron Mountain will help accelerate your response by delivering your backup tapes to your chosen location when you need them.

What You Gain…

  • Confidence that your offsite media is treated with the high levels of care and security you’ve come to expect from Iron Mountain
  • Sound, secure and consistent data protection processes that deliver high levels of control to media stored at an Iron Mountain vault, regardless of delivery method or point of origin
  • The ability to recover information quickly and effectively in response to audit, discovery or disaster events