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Industry Fact:
41 percent of companies are using cloud-based backup. And 72 percent of those are confident enough to ship their primary data backups to the cloud.

Business Challenge

In this ever-growing technology environment, companies have become increasingly decentralized. Your teams are scattered across the globe in their home offices or offsite facilities, resulting in users storing more and more critical business data in a distributed manner. This information is vital for recovery purposes and must be effectively backed up – and made available at a moment’s notice.

The ease with which today’s employees can connect to the Internet has made a dramatic impact on your company’s ability to execute important business strategies. But having a mobile workforce complicates the process of protecting your data. And without a means of enabling remote employees to back up and recover their own data, there’s no way to truly protect them from the damaging effects of downtime.

What if you could...

  • Develop a reliable method to protect, recover and manage your remote data?
  • Enable end users to recover their own data using either a computer or mobile device?
  • Centralize the management of your backup operations ensuring their security?

How This Affects You

The significant increase in mobile workers and teleworkers introduces new complexities into the data protection process. As the number of remote employees serving your organization continues to grow at a rapid pace, an increasing amount of business-critical data is being stored on remote laptops and desktops. And let’s face it — your IT budget is not growing at the same rapid rate. In fact, your IT budget is shrinking, which can make it difficult to optimize data protection for remote users. So if you’re unable to empower these individuals to protect their workstations, then you could be exposing your organization to the potentially crippling effects of data loss.

Iron Mountain PC Backup

PC Backup provides an automatic and simple means of protecting your remote worker data. The solution employs a hands-off, automatic method of backing up data that sends it directly to either an Iron Mountain secure data center or to a local copy of the PC Backup software hosted by you. As such, the process both effectively backs up data and creates a separate, geographically distant copy of your information for disaster recovery purposes.

Having more remote workers means having more data to back up. And protecting your information introduces a considerable amount of complexity into your data protection program.

One of the drawbacks to the rise of the mobile worker is the challenge it presents to the IT teams tasked with effectively protecting the data these individuals rely on day in, day out. With employees distributed across numerous locations – and working on a variety of different devices – it can be hard for IT to keep pace with individual backup and recovery needs. And when this happens, it creates the potential for data loss to do significant harm to your organization. So you need to find a way to centralize and simplify the process of protecting remote data, allowing you to focus your limited IT resources on strategies that build revenue and drive competitive advantage.

As a result, you can minimize downtime and maximize worker productivity – and eliminate the need for IT to respond to remote recovery requests, so they have more time to focus on strategic business initiatives.

PC Backup is managed centrally and backups can occur any time, regardless of geographic location or time of day – all you need is an Internet connection. Additionally, robust reporting allows you as the administrator to view and manage the protection status of all your employees. Finally, if recovery is required, your remote users have access to a dedicated portal, which allows them to initiate recovery either to a laptop, smartphone or tablet without any intervention from IT required.

What You Gain...

  • Protected data as it traverses your network, helping you reduce the risk of theft while ensuring it remains safe for the long term.
  • Extended corporate protection standards for remote users, avoiding the risk of unforeseen downtime.
  • Consistent, reliable backup process that delivers efficient data protection for all remote workstations, helping you protect mobile workers – and the business-critical data.


With PC Backup, you can access a central console to view and manage all backup and recovery operations. Plus, you can create, implement and enforce standardized remote data protection policies across all users – and monitor them to ensure ongoing compliance.

But simply extending your in-house data protection processes to remote workers is insufficient. Because the information produced at offsite locations must traverse the Internet before it can be backed up, it’s critical to support this process with additional layers of security. And if you don’t have the appropriate measures in place, your remote data could be vulnerable to loss or theft.

Using PC Backup, you can protect the backup data generated at remote locations by establishing an SSL tunnel connection and creating unique encryption keys that can only be decrypted by a specific agent on the client device. In addition, you can store all of your backup data in redundant Iron Mountain underground facilities that employ strict access controls and industry-leading security.