Release of Information Solution Brief
Simplify And Comply

Topics: Health Information Governance | Optimizing for Electronic Medical Records Transition

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What If You Could....

  • Fulfill your ROI requests without the risky transfer of records back and forth from storage?
  • Gain full visibility into your ROI workflow and know that you can meet deadlines?
  • Stop manually tracking the status of ROI requests and doing time-consuming administrative functions such as invoicing, fulfillment or collections?

Business Challenge

Keeping up with your current volume of Release of Information (ROI) requests drains your limited resources. You should focus on higher priorities, but you can’t afford to take shortcuts. If the ROI process isn’t handled properly, your organization could face costly penalties for non-compliance with audit requirements and privacy mandates.

Yet, it’s hard to reduce risk when you must access records in one location and process ROI in another. Tracking records among multiple systems becomes complex, sometimes involving manual steps. This increases the chance for errors and delays, while creating blind spots along your ROI workflow. And, engaging a vendor to help support your ROI functions still has not resolved these issues.

Simplify and Comply

The Iron Mountain Release of Information Solution provides a scalable, secure and centralized approach to managing your ROI process. Overseen by credentialed ROI experts, it enables you to:

  • Integrate ROI with your records by releasing them from the same location where they are stored to ensure the security of patient information and permit faster, more cost-effective processing of ROI requests.
  • Release with control by embedding checks and balances into your ROI process so you can identify what’s happening at every step and make adjustments as necessary to improve efficiency.
  • Take back time that you once needed to get status updates and perform ROI administrative tasks — and refocus it on more critical initiatives.

The Iron Mountain Release of Information Solution provides comprehensive features and capabilities to simplify the ROI process and support compliant release, including:

  • Customized ROI processing
  • Security and compliance
  • Advanced reporting

What You Gain ...

  • A streamlined, secure ROI process that lets you rapidly respond to ROI requests
  • The confidence that your ROI process is compliant and performing optimally
  • Greater efficiencies through oversight from credentialed ROI experts
  • Reporting capabilities that make your staff more productive

Customized ROI Processing

You can scale your program up or down to handle your changing ROI demands using a service model that works best for you — onsite, offsite — or a combination of both. For example, you can deploy a centralized ROI solution at your location with onsite clerical support from Iron Mountain staff, or you can employ a decentralized model that taps into our nationwide network of secure record centers for ROI processing.

Either way, you’ll be able to track your entire ROI process through a single management tool. Through this unique combination of customization and technology, you can ensure the consistent, timely and HIPAA-compliant fulfillment of all ROI requests, regardless of volume.

Security and Compliance

Integrate your ROI workflow with your records management function to eliminate unnecessary costs and risks from your program. With records and ROI centralized in single location, you’ll have standardized workflows with built-in checkpoints, so you can feel confident all requests are released with control. And, you’ll be able to capture and combine electronic and hardcopy information to fulfill ROI requests in any format desired.

Advanced Reporting

Keep on top of work in process through a full-range of e-delivery and tracking capabilities. Using predefined and ad-hoc reports, you can effortlessly monitor your program to ensure requests are being released based on your priorities and requirements. And, with an electronic Account of Disclosures report, you’ll no longer have to waste time manually tracking your ROI process.

Customer Success

After being hit with a RAC audit, a leading healthcare organization realized it would not be able to meet the mandated turnaround time — and keep up with its growing volume of ROI requests. To remedy this, the organization partnered with Iron Mountain to access a well-trained team of ROI experts dedicated to processing its RAC requests.


  • 3,482 requested records handled per year
  • 327,635 pages managed per year as part of this process
  • 100% of RAC requests submitted within the required time frame