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Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting

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In today's litigious environment, with its ever-increasing frequency and volume of legal holds, you oftentimes have no choice but to hold onto previously used backup tapes, even after upgrading your data backup environment. By taking advantage of the Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance program, you no longer have to maintain the equipment and incur the costs associated with your legacy backup environment.

Following changes made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that went into effect in December 2006, the requirement to restore electronically stored information (ESI) from data backup tapes in response to litigation and/or regulatory investigation has resulted in most organizations thinking more seriously about their data backup strategies. In fact, while many organizations are modernizing their backup systems, they still maintain a large media inventory.

What is Restoration Assurance?

The Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance program provides your organization with the peace of mind that backup tapes can be restored at any time — even if you no longer maintain the environment.

Restoration Assurance is a subscription-based program that provides both scheduled as well as ad hoc, on-demand restoration and extraction of email and data files from tape. In the case of email, messages may be restored either for individual users or in bulk for all users of a specified email system.

Restoration Assurance employs both proprietary and native processing and restoration tools to optimize tape restorations for timeliness and accuracy, including the use of deduplication procedures to ensure that only single instances of every targeted file or email message are restored regardless of how many users received the message (or possessed the file) within the organization, or how many times a message (or file) was backed up.

Our proprietary techniques, in particular, have been built and adapted to restore and extract data and email more efficiently and expeditiously than could be achieved with native cataloging, restoration, and processing technologies — all with uncompromised levels of accuracy and reporting accountability.

Dedicated Restoration Assurance project managers ensure that logistics scheduling, production management, and periodic status reporting are all handled in a consistent and repeatable fashion for each scheduled and on-demand restoration job.

All incoming media are logged into a project database to ensure that the physical attributes of each batch of tapes — such as tape label names, tape totals by media type, barcode labels, handwritten label details, container details, etc. — are captured and recorded. And at the conclusion of each restoration project, the targeted files and email messages are returned to the client on either an encrypted USB drive or DVD, along with a complete chain of custody report as well as the original source media.


  • Eliminates the costs (maintenance and support) associated with maintaining legacy tape equipment
  • Provides predefined Service Level Agreements that guarantee costs and delivery timeframes in the event tapes require restoration
  • Frees up data center space previously utilized by legacy equipment
  • Permits redeployment of IT personnel previously charged with maintaining and restoring backup tapes

Be Prepared to Meet Any Challenge

You never know when a demanding litigation-related data request will appear or an emergency data restoration will be needed, but you'll always be confident that you can rise to the challenge with Iron Mountain as your partner. With a unique combination of in-depth knowledge, firsthand experience, and comprehensive end-to-end data management services, Iron Mountain stands ready to help you with even your most difficult data restoration requirements.

Whether you're looking to retire or migrate your backup tape environment, or simply change backup applications, the Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance program ensures that your tapes can be properly, cost effectively, and defensibly restored without your having to maintain legacy equipment — all the while in strict adherence to Iron Mountain's chain of custody guidelines.

Data Restoration by the Data Protection Experts

For more than 50 years, Iron Mountain has led the way in records, data, and information management and protection solutions. From the earliest days of paper documents to today's sophisticated digital archives, Iron Mountain provides responsive, reliable service and real world solutions.

Iron Mountain has helped numerous organizations worldwide minimize their business risks with fast, accurate and cost-effective data extraction and restoration services. Make Iron Mountain your trusted partner, too.

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