Preserve and Protect What Matters

Topics: Pathology Storage Management

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Business Challenge

You’re responsible for managing the slides and blocks that are critical to the success of your pathology department. But, maintaining the quality of these assets is becoming increasingly difficult as the volume of slides and blocks you manage continues to grow.

To address this issue, many laboratories have resorted to storing their slides and blocks in sub-optimal storage locations or in high-value real estate — often thinking that because they’re onsite, they’re secure and accessible. In reality, this approach could place your slides and blocks at risk of degradation and unauthorized access — jeopardizing the integrity of your inventory and your ability to find what you need when it’s needed.

What if you could...

  • Reclaim space in your laboratory by securely moving your slides and blocks offsite?
  • Protect the integrity of your specimens with the optimal temperature and access controls?
  • Reduce the time and resources required to track, locate, and retrieve your assets?

How this affects you

Having a proven pathology-specific approach to the secure transport and storage of your valuable laboratory assets can allow you to:

  • Move your slides and blocks to flexible offsite storage with the confidence that your slides and blocks are protected throughout their lifecycle.
  • Regulate your environment through temperature controls and pathology-specific processes needed to preserve your specimens over the long term.
  • Find what you need, when you need it at any time through an easy-to-use web-based portal allowing you to locate, order, and track your inventory.

Iron Mountain Pathology Storage Management

With Iron Mountain Pathology Storage Management, you’ll be able to free up your valuable storage space while ensuring the integrity of your slides and blocks remains intact. You’ll centralize all of your assets offsite in a local, highly-secure, temperature-controlled environment to ensure their long-term preservation and improve visibility into where they are and who has access to them. With this integrated suite of services you’ll have what you need to preserve and protect what matters.

What You Gain

  • Space back in your facility and the ability to easily scale storage up or down as needed.
  • Peace of mind that your assets are protected and preserved for the long term.
  • Confidence that what you need is accessible when and where you need it.


With our temperature-controlled storage environments, you’ll gain access to the unlimited storage required to house your growing volume of slides and blocks. Our larger network of facilities provides the local service you want, with the temperature and access controls you need to properly track and preserve your assets. What’s more, leveraging our pay-as-you grow model, you can quickly and easily scale storage up or down as needed to control costs and eliminate the headache of continually searching for additional storage space.


At the foundation of our transport services are pathology-specific procedures, based on best practices that are designed to ensure the secure movement of your irreplaceable assets. Prior to transit, your slides and blocks are secured in custom-designed, shock-absorbent containers that provide both physical and temperature controls. During transit, our highly-experienced drivers use real-time, wireless scanning to maintain an auditable chain-of-custody.


Through our robust tracking capabilities and web-based portal, you’ll have access to all the information you need to make timely decisions about your slides and blocks. From the moment we take possession of your specimens, the cases (or accessions) are barcoded and scanned each and every time they are moved, enabling you to track your inventory at any time. With Iron Mountain Connect™ our online portal, you can track the progress of your assets, manage your retention policy, view reports, and schedule pickups from anywhere you have Internet access.

Customer Success

After realizing sustained growth in the number of pathology assets under its management, a healthcare organization needed additional space that was adequately designed for long-term storage. It had few internal options, but was reluctant to transport assets offsite. After evaluating Iron Mountain Pathology Storage Management, it became clear that moving assets offsite was the right choice. The provider now manages its growing volume offsite knowing its slides and blocks are protected and accessible.

The Results

  • Increased accessions/cases per delivery from 25 to 300
  • Improved their ability to track, locate, and retrieve their slides and blocks
  • Reclaimed the space formerly used for storage by moving all assets older than six months to a local Iron Mountain facility