Ensure Your Pipeline Records Are Traceable, Verifiable and Complete

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What if you could...

  • Gain more control of pipeline records so that they could be easily retrieved and shared?
  • Confidently verify that you are compliant with current regulations and be prepared for audits, enforcement case notices and other requests?
  • Quickly respond to emergency requests for information, avoiding costly penalties and potential harm to your brand?
  • Substantiate your pipeline integrity management with information that is traceable, verifiable and complete – minimizing the expense of additional testing or excavation?

Business Challenge

You’re charged with record keeping and documentation of your pipeline integrity, and it’s a difficult task. Recent changes to The Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011, H.R. 2845, have ’doubled down’ on risk-based pipeline integrity management, eliminating some previous exclusions and expanding regulations in other areas. Documentation of pipeline integrity and its management must be “traceable, verifiable and complete.” Are your records traceable, verifiable and complete?

You may have already invested in a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) or Geospatial Information System (GIS). But how do you fully take advantage of those systems investments when many of the relevant records remain only in a paper format spread across a multitude of locations – many of them still out in the field? How can you manage your pipeline integrity program when you don’t have control of all the necessary records?

Iron Mountain Solution

  • Securely transported hardcopy reports to a convenient imaging facility from multiple locations
  • Collaborated with engineering partner – to perform data calculations, image and index the physical documents
  • Uploaded electronic documents into the Iron Mountain hosted Digital Records Center, enabling engineers to collaborate and meet reporting requirements and tight timeline
  • Delivered complete set of electronic documents via encrypted hard drive
  • Transferred indexed, physical test

With Iron Mountain® Transportation and Storage Services you’ll be able to locate and conveniently retrieve necessary records and documentation from where they currently reside – including field locations and third parties such as contractors and business partners – and securely consolidate them where you can gain control over them. You’ll be able to prioritize them, identify what may be missing and wrap a records management program around them. And you’ll leverage industry best practice security processes.

With our Document Imaging Services you’ll be able to image your hardcopy records, such as hydrostatic and strength test reports, work orders, maintenance reports and training records as you need them. You’ll keep the originals secure while sharing electronic images of them with requesters and sparing the cost of imaging what you don’t need.

You’ll be able to leverage our Asset Rationalization Services– including indexing, coding and classification – to describe your assets, tag them with metadata and easily access them via a web interface when needed. You’ll quickly find and produce documentation needed for an audit, litigation or sale or activation of an asset.

Our hosted repository provides centralized and secure electronic access and enables simultaneous online review and collaboration by multiple parties. When you use our Digital Records Center™, you can avoid costly technology purchases and management.

And, with our Consulting Services and Engineering Partners, you’ll be able to leverage proven expertise to understand the changing regulatory landscape and develop and support efficient and effective compliance reporting.

Customer Success

A large energy infrastructure provider faced a tight timeline to meet federal MAOP reporting requirements. They needed to locate, classify and digitize hydrostatic and strength test results for a portion of their 15,000 miles of gas pipeline. Partnering with Iron Mountain enabled them to comply with MAOP reporting requirements in the required time.