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Records And Information Management 360°™ Solution For The Workflow Digitizer

Business Challenge

Your paper-intensive, manual processes are holding you back. Paper documents that support your workflows may be scattered in multiple locations, making it difficult for employees to find information when they need it. Information is key to your organization’s competitive advantage. By streamlining workflows and automating business processes, you can speed digital adoption and deliver demonstrable business value. You might think everything must be scanned in order to “go digital,” which means the cost often outweighs potential productivity gains. The real solution is to not scan everything — it’s to know what to scan. By converting documents from physical to digital, you optimize business applications and better leverage your technology investments.

How This Affects You

  • Employees’ time is spent looking for or recreating information they need to do their jobs.
  • Employees continue to rely upon paper because change is difficult.
  • Employees are concerned that automation may eliminate their jobs.
  • The lack of accurate, timely information can result in a lost sale or worse, a lost customer.

What If You Could...

  • Increase efficiency and improve productivity by making information available?
  • Maximize ROI by reducing or eliminating paper within processes?
  • Selectively capture images of the most important documents in a workflow?
  • Reduce wasted time and errors by streamlining paper-intensive manual processes?
  • Quickly respond to customers?
  • Be confident in your ability to protect your information throughout its lifecycle?

Iron Mountain Records And Information Management 360°™ Solution For The Workflow Digitizer

You’ll have the resources to convert your hardcopy documents to an electronic format and make them available to users across your organization with this solution. Leveraging our paper-to-digital conversion services and best practices, you’ll optimize your core business activities.

Document Conversion And Classification

Build an imaging program that creates electronic versions of your hardcopy records on either an upfront or as-needed basis. Your converted documents will be organized and searchable, so you can quickly locate them. Our trained specialists will leverage proven imaging best practices, including optional intelligent capture strategies to maximize productivity and eliminate process costs, as well as to ensure that QA requirements are met.

Physical Records Reduction

To identify further cost savings opportunities by achieving significant paper reduction within targeted business processes, workflow experts will conduct interviews with key stakeholders to understand and map. By analyzing historical document data to identify trends, we’ll develop paper reduction remediation strategies and calculate potential ROI opportunities for your organization. You can also realize additional cost savings by using the Iron Mountain Secure Shredding service to defensibly destroy physical records that are eligible for disposal once they have been identified.

Hosted Image Archiving

Store your documents in a system of your choice or our Digital Record Center® service. When you leverage our secure, hosted repository, you can scale as needed without costly technology investments. You’ll be able to access your information without exposing your original document to loss, theft or damage.

Records Management

You can image and store your hardcopy information in facilities that employ advanced security and access controls, helping you free up real estate, safeguard your records, and quickly retrieve and deliver them in any format.

What You Gain

  • Fast and secure access to your documents.
  • Roadmaps to help you achieve efficiency and cost reduction goals.
  • Ability to have the data you need to respond to customers, prospects and staff.
  • Assurance your information will be secure.


Records Management Solution Brief
Records Management Solution Brief

Topics: Govern Information

With Iron Mountain Records Management services, you'll have the resources you need to effectively store and safeguard your information assets, and make them easily accessible to individuals across your organization.