Records and Information Management 360°™ Solution for the Program Accelerator

Topics: Store and Protect Information

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What If You Could...

  • Design a legally credible RIM program where records are retained and disposed of according to policy?
  • Apply information governance to physical and electronic information?
  • Audit your program to gain clear visibility and strategize for consistent adoption across your enterprise?
  • Develop a roadmap including tactics, timelines and ROI to close your gaps?
  • Support change management and consistent adoption by bringing this roadmap to life?
  • Create an electronic version of the records you need for faster response without touching paper?
  • Extend your team across your organization with outsourced RIM staff?

Business Challenge

You may have elements of a formal Records and Information Management(RIM) program in pockets across your company, but still you’re struggling with consistency and enforcement across the U.S. or even worldwide. You’re not confident in your ability to face regulatory or legal scrutiny because RIM is an after thought in much of your organization. And when you lack a comprehensive program that addresses both your physical and electronic records,complying with the regulations that govern you is impossible.

The biggest challenge you’re facing may not be policy or process, but people.

You need to connect people to the right behaviors and infuse RIM into the DNA of your operations.

How This Affects You

  • Your organization is at risk if you lack a defensible records management program.
  • You need help consistently enforcing compliance company-wide.
  • You want to secure resources and funding needed to drive broader adoption of RIM.
  • Slow or incomplete responses to requests because of bad records classification put jobs in jeopardy.
  • Poor program adoption and optimization leads to inefficiencies and increased program costs.

Iron Mountain RIM 360 Solution for the Program Accelerator

Get insights you need to establish, manage and customize your RIM program, including addressing the complexities of complying with state and federal regulations when you partner with the Iron Mountain RIM Consulting professionals.

What You Gain

  • Help establishing a legally credible and foundational RIM program.
  • One consistent and connected program across your company with key performance metrics.
  • Greater transparency and ability to monitor and measure where change is needed.
  • Up-to-date policy that covers areas of operation and is used throughout the organization.
  • Additional support resources to extend your staff and reach across all locations.

Records Management Consulting

Establishing a Foundation

Build a foundational, defensible RIM program by creating credible policies, procedures, tools and a retention schedule.

Benchmark Current State and Risk

Audit and benchmark your program, while identifying risks and quantifying costs. Our experienced team will breakdown the steps and build a plan of action to help you reach your goals.

Address Gaps and Risks in Existing Program

Gain access to proven tools and practical change management plans that will build an effective program with audit capabilities to test, refine and create defensible strategies. Using our risk-based approach, assess applications to deliver eRecords strategies, standardize metadata, classification and retention processes and procedures across locations, and conduct training. Implement key performance metrics to give you greater insight and control over your program.

Apply Information Governance To Electronic Information

Get a road map to help you select technology, and configure and deploy systems, migrate, analyze, and report on data, and decommission applications to help you achieve more sophisticated information life cycle management. Defensibly destroy digital content so you’ll be prepared for audits and respond to discovery requests easily.

Systematically Manage Records Across Format And Locations

Reporting will keep you informed on the current state while identifying areas for fine-tuning. You’ll know that your entire staff is adopting your new policy through processes ensuring adherence to policy.

Onsite Records Management Staffing

Extend your reach across your organization with Iron Mountain Onsite Professional RIM Services. Trained RIM professionals will work alongside you at your location to implement and administer your onsite program.

Customer Success

Following a period of rapid growth, Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc., a large home building company, was struggling to quickly find the records it needed and maintain compliant practices. Iron Mountain RIM services helped the company design, implement and manage a comprehensive program, and standardize its classification, retention, retrieval and destruction processes.


  • Saved more than $65,000 in five years
  • Standardized records management organization-wide
  • Coded and stored all records following corporate policies


Records Management Solution Brief
Records Management Solution Brief

Topics: Govern Information

With Iron Mountain Records Management services, you'll have the resources you need to effectively store and safeguard your information assets, and make them easily accessible to individuals across your organization.