Records and Information Management 360°™ solution for the Space Maker

Topics: Store and Protect Information

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Your space should make, not cost, you money. Send your records offsite.

How This Affects You

  • You’re likely exhausted by the struggle to carve out desperately needed space for new employees or more conference rooms.
  • Your employees are suffocated by the increasing amount of information surrounding them and decreasing space to do their jobs.
  • You’re exasperated by the wasted time spent searching for the right document at the right time.
  • You may be incurring unnecessary capital costs and risk if you’re storing your information in-house, in a dedicated warehouse or self-storage facility.

What if You Could...

  • Free up the valuable and expensive space currently consumed by your paper records and repurpose for higher-value activities?
  • Control access to your records like you control who has access to your building?
  • Have access to your records – anytime, anywhere, any format?
  • Get predictable costs and potentially avoid unnecessary capital investment?

Business Challenge

Your office space and capital are for growing your business, not storing paper. Companies today focus on reducing the space allocated per employee while expecting greater productivity. So your productivity problem grows exponentially if you are filling up your shrinking space with paper. Plus, you know your office space is expensive, but just how much is shocking. A typical filing cabinet takes up 9 square feet and costs $1,500 a year.3

Keeping paper onsite kills productivity. The average employee spends 25 percent of the work week filing, copying, indexing or retrieving documents.4 A staggering 83 percent of organizations report they can’t locate hardcopy records when needed.5

The longer you do nothing, the more money you’re wasting. You may have already addressed your space problem by sending records offsite to a warehouse or self-storage facility, but those options bring another set of issues. In both cases, you’re potentially exposed to risk but also a significant capital investment in the case of a warehouse. What’s more, you may be worrying about internal theft, as a study found that 62 percent of employees who stole business information took it in hardcopy form.6

What You Gain...

  • Valuable real estate for repurposing.
  • Confidence that your information is protected in a secure environment.
  • Increased control over who accesses your records.
  • Quick and secure access to your records.
  • Lower operating costs.

Iron Mountain RIM 360° Solution for the Space Maker

Whether you are looking to repurpose your real estate or shrink your footprint, you’ll have a secure, flexible offsite storage program that can scale to fit your fluctuating needs.

Data Integrity Service

As you begin the process of moving records offsite, you’ll be able to use Iron Mountain’s Data Integrity methodology; a proprietary suite of intelligent tools to help companies improve indexing and reduce storage volume. This will allow you to get rid of records you no longer need early on so that you only send records you need to offsite storage and in turn reduce your storage costs.

Secure Shredding

By destroying the records you are no longer obligated to keep to meet specific legal or regulatory requirements, you can reduce operating expenses and free up dollars in your budget—resources you can invest back into your business and improve profitability. Our Secure Shredding Services provide onsite or offsite destruction programs that are available on an ongoing or project basis, helping you dispose of information in a compliant, reliable and cost-effective way.

Records Storage

Once you are ready to move your records, you can leverage our network of records storage facilities managed by records management professionals to safeguard your information using advanced environmental, security and access controls. Your records will be tagged and classified using your own terminology and made available on our intuitive Iron Mountain Connect™ web portal, helping you quickly locate and retrieve the information you need to address internal and external requests. And when your records move between your office and our storage facility, they will be protected by InControl®, our patented technology that safeguards information in transit and delivers an auditable chain-of-custody.

Image on Demand

When your paper files are securely stored at Iron Mountain, we can digitize your information for you so you can access it when and as you need it through Image on Demand.

Customer Success

American Stock Transfer (AST) stored about 23,000 boxes of records in a warehouse five miles from company headquarters. With security and identity theft issues on the rise, AST needed to upgrade from its current storage facility. AST chose to use Iron Mountain Records Management Services after touring an Iron Mountain facility and seeing what they described as a “military-like facility,” “an invincible dome that could not be penetrated.” AST was impressed with the security of the physical facility and the Iron Mountain Record Specialists who handled the large quantity of documents.


  • Transitioned records successfully within the specified time frame and cost.
  • Ensured protection in a secure facility, where specialists handle physical records.
  • Records are available online, allowing faster, more convenient access and ensuring timely destruction.

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Records Management Solution Brief
Records Management Solution Brief

Topics: Govern Information

With Iron Mountain Records Management services, you'll have the resources you need to effectively store and safeguard your information assets, and make them easily accessible to individuals across your organization.