Records and Information Management 360°™ solution for the Vendor Consolidator

Topics: Store and Protect Information

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Business Challenge

Are you having difficulty finding the information you need because your records are spread across too many storage locations or vendors? If you answered yes, then you may also be having difficulty driving consistent standards and best practices. With multiple providers all having different procedures for records, secure shredding and imaging, you probably have too many “cooks in your kitchen,” which can lead to chaos.

What if You Could...

  • Reduce your ongoing total program cost?
  • Save time and expense by managing all of your physical records, secure destruction and imaging services consistently with one vendor?
  • Reduce record discovery time and increase compliance and defensibility?
  • Leverage an even larger pool of different services from the same vendor to gain volume discounts?

And chaos costs. It can cost you valuable time, money and energy when it comes to your resources and the risks your organization’s taking with compliance and litigation. Discovery and litigation are significantly more complex and time consuming due to multiple records formats and repositories, which create exponentially higher program and compliance costs. Destruction and holds are inconsistent, adding recurring cost and litigation risk.

How This Affects You

You are forced to be an expert in all of the vendors and their systems in order to manage your team and the business. Companies with a single vendor have options to lower and eliminate organizational risk and cost when it comes to their records management. With one vendor you can:

  • Re-deploy your staff to core activities that drive additional value without incurring incremental cost.
  • Ensure that all future incoming records are uniformly classified for efficiency and consistency.
  • Receive “white glove” service for the heavy lifting of consolidation via a prescribed process.

What You Gain...

By using the Iron Mountain RIM 360° Solution for the Vendor Consolidator you can:

  • Consolidate your records into a single system of record.
  • Reduce discovery times searching one system instead of multiple systems.
  • Gain better visibility and access to records.
  • Consistently apply policy with a single vendor. You will have confidence knowing that you are contributing more to your company’s bottom line while defending its reputation.

Iron Mountain RIM 360° Solution for Vendor Consolidators

With Iron Mountain you’ll have a cost-effective, established process that takes you through each step of consolidation, including all of the templates and tools necessary to efficiently migrate your physical records. Consolidating to a single system of record reduces the need for multiple records coordinators, consistent application of policy decreases discovery times, and uniform retention application ensures timely destruction.

Ease of Records Transfer

Records transferred to Iron Mountain are uniformly classified as they enter the system for greater visibility, consistency, control and defensibility. They can also be imaged for you to enter into your ECM systems for authorized users to include in key workflows.

Data Integrity Methodology

Boxes with limited metadata are systematically classified using the Iron Mountain Data Integrity methodology, a proprietary suite of intelligent tools to help companies improve indexing and reduce storage volume. Records identified to have a short retention requirement remain at their current location until destruction for added savings.

Customer Success

A leading national grocery chain manages hundreds of stores divided across multiple countries in a decentralized model. This model is key to the chain’s business, but it posed a challenge when it came to achieving a uniform records management program. The company had concerns about compliance and cost when it came to working with multiple records management vendors. The company worked with Iron Mountain to extract more business value from its records program by first conducting a data integrity project that assessed and improved the metadata attached to each box of physical records stored offsite. Then by consolidating the records management program enterprise-wide, it was able to help the company gain greater control and visibility, as well as allow more pricing power and reduced costs. The new unified model will allow the company to invest money saved by consolidating vendors into its goal of growing to 1,000 stores in the next eight years.

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Records Management Solution Brief
Records Management Solution Brief

Topics: Govern Information

With Iron Mountain Records Management services, you'll have the resources you need to effectively store and safeguard your information assets, and make them easily accessible to individuals across your organization.