Secure E-Waste And IT Asset Disposition (Itad) Service

Topics: Data Center Management

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How This Affects You

  • With technology advancing faster than budgets, you need to maximize the value recovery from your old assets.
  • You need best-practice disposition methodologies that ensure reliability and consistency from collection through final destruction.
  • You lack confidence that your critical information won’t be lost, stolen or jeopardized.
  • You want to be compliant and environmentally-correct when it comes to disposal of potentially hazardous e-waste.

What If You Could...

  • Confidently manage your old, obsolete or decommissioned IT equipment?
  • Securely dispose of IT assets in an environmentally responsible manner that is compliant with the strictest industry regulations and mandates?
  • Ensure that all sensitive information has been completely destroyed prior to recycling assets?
  • Extract maximum value from your retired assets?

Business Challenge

With data continuing to grow at an exponential rate, data privacy, e-discovery and IT asset management are often linked. So as you migrate to new devices and build a surplus of old and outdated equipment, the management of these assets directly affects your ability to overcome data growth challenges.

At the same time, pressure from the government and corporate initiatives to practice green operations require you to look for secure, yet socially responsible, ways to dispose of or recycle this electronic waste (e-waste). Without defined procedures for destroying, recycling or repurposing electronics, your company may be at risk for regulatory penalties, a damaged brand reputation and data breaches.

Iron Mountain® Secure E-Waste And IT Asset Disposition (Itad) Services

Iron Mountain offers a suite of IT asset disposition services that meet all of your disposal needs, in a secure, efficient and green manner. These services can help you minimize your risk and maximize your asset value recovery with industry-leading, secure chain of custody using the world’s largest IT asset distribution channel.

Minimize Risk

  • Consistent, reliable, secure chain of custody, secure logistics and patented Babco vehicle security.
  • Ensured data security from the time we pick up the assets, to the time of disposal.
  • Data erasure procedures that adhere to US Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards for all data bearing devices.
  • Liability Indemnification – with our certificate of destruction comes liability protection.

Maximize Value

  • Extract maximum value from your retired assets with the world’s largest IT asset distribution network.
  • Itemize every asset and receive maximum value recovery, including non-working assets that may still have value.
  • All data is erased (DoD/NIST standards) from assets prior to resale.

Environmentally Responsible

  • e-Stewards® Enterprise recycling with a 0% landfill and 0% e-waste export policy.
  • Environmental reporting (Green report) and regulatory compliance.
  • Management that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, cuts pollution, and saves energy and resources.

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