Tape Identification

Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting

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Business Challenge

Your organization is growing by leaps and bounds with the volumes of digital media increasing every day. You know how difficult it can be to identify specific pieces of information when combing through your tape archives. This is especially true in cases where your information could be stored in numerous, redundant media formats. Further complicating matters, you may have experienced mergers, acquisitions, business expansions, and IT organizational changes, making it more challenging to manage your data volumes both past and present. Today, there are advanced ways to preserve, protect, and filter through your tape-based data.

Now, you can respond to all requests for tape-based data quickly and confidently. Save time and money by accelerating your search and retrieval process for identifying data backed up to tape, helping you find exactly the information you need, when you need it.

What If You Could...

  • Easily see what’s on your backup tapes?
  • Quickly respond to your internal or external requests for information?
  • Confidently make decisions on retention, destruction, and restoration?
  • Dramatically reduce costs and risks associated with managing your legacy data?

Iron Mountain Tape Identification

Understand the contents of your backup tapes through proactive indexing with the Iron Mountain Tape Identification service. You can, with the help of this Iron Mountain Data Backup and Recovery value-added service:

  • Determine what information is stored on your legacy backup tapes.
  • Reduce your risk of penalties or fines for failing to respond to a legal discovery or compliance event.
  • Develop a defensible tape retention plan with the confidence that you are keeping only the data you need.
  • Make decisions with confidence on retention, destruction, and restoration of your data.

With the Iron Mountain Tape Identification service, you’ll understand what information resides on your legacy backup tapes, and you’ll be able to react quickly when asked to produce information for discovery or other time-critical requests.

What You Gain...

  • The ability to keep only what you need.
  • Reduced risk via a foundation of “known” information from which to make defensible remediation, retention, and destruction decisions.
  • Faster turnaround for your information requests related to discovery or compliance events.