Large Scale Tape Moves

Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting

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Business Challenge

Managing your data center takes a skillful balance of resources. So, when it’s time to relocate your backup tape library, you’ll need to have considered in advance how you will fit a multi-faceted media relocation project into your schedule in addition to your everyday duties and objectives. Moving a large portion or even your entire backup tape library to an offsite location is a major logistical undertaking. You’ll need to account for security, staffing, transportation, inventory verification — just to name a few of the more important aspects required for a successful tape library move.

It can help to work with a partner who has both experience in tape library moves and a secure, proven workflow to ensure the organized, cost-effective transport of your backup tapes. Because when it comes to moving sensitive media from one location to another, you need to know your organization’s data is secure every step of the way.

What If You Could...

  • Follow a comprehensive relocation plan and meet your target date for completing the tape move?
  • Trust a relocation plan because it mitigates risk by fully addressing chain of custody concerns?
  • Gain full traceability and environmental control during backup tape transport — whether it’s from point to point, around the globe, or across town?

Iron Mountain Tape Library Moves

Industry Fact

$7.2 million - the average cost per data breach event.

- Dr. Larry Ponemon. “Cost of a data breach climbs higher.” Blog post. March 8, 2011.

Safely move your media to a secure Iron Mountain offsite tape vault or to your offsite location using the Iron Mountain Tape Library Moves service. This value-added service within the Iron Mountain Data Backup and Recovery solution suite, helps you:

  • Define your media relocation needs and the potential impacts of a move
  • Establish a plan that incorporates best practices, focusing first and foremost on media security
  • Monitor the relocation status throughout the project with frequent progress reports
  • Reassign your in-house staff to focus on more critical tasks

You can rest assured knowing that with the Iron Mountain Tape Library Moves service, your media is both protected and transported to its new destination with a streamlined, best-practices approach to media handling and relocation.

Plan Your Media Move

As a first step, with the help of your Iron Mountain team, you will develop a media relocation plan that meets stringent security requirements. You will be guided by our experts through each step. When your customized media plan is complete, you’ll be able to:

  • Assess your organization’s tape library move objectives
  • Review compliance considerations
  • Determine the optimal mode of transport
  • Develop a project schedule detailing key tasks, milestones, and reporting conventions
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of your team members and Iron Mountain personnel

Securely Relocate Your Backup Tape Library

After managing thousands of tape library relocations, Iron Mountain’s experts have developed best practices to ensure the safety of your media. You can track and monitor each of your tapes through the entire process using our systematic approach. Every detail and task is taken into consideration. Our professionals will:

  • Label, log, and inventory each tape to be moved to build an auditable chain of custody
  • Pack your media in specially constructed containers to maintain information integrity and security
  • Transport your media in customized, environmentally controlled vehicles equipped with InControl®, a patented chain of custody technology
  • Set up your tape library based on the requirements outlined in your media relocation plan

Online Tracking and Reporting

Find what you need when you need it. As a Tape Library Moves service customer, you’ll gain access to SecureSync,® Iron Mountain’s web-based media tracking software, which allows you to view and generate reports on your relocated backup tapes online 24/7. Using SecureSync, you can:

  • Schedule media pickups and deliveries
  • Perform a real-time, online inventory of backup tapes distributed to, stored in, or returning from the Iron Mountain vault
  • Access informative status and discrepancy reports
  • Manage administrative tasks easily and quickly any time and from anywhere

What You Gain…

  • A proven, innovative, and best-practiced approach to secure tape library relocation
  • Safeguards that protect sensitive information from point of pickup to final destination, including detailed, auditable tracking for all points of transit in between
  • A team of experts who manage every aspect of your tape library move – from planning and inventory to delivery and set up
  • Devote your full attention to other business-critical activities while your tape library relocation is completed