Offsite Records Management Solutions for Law Firms

Topics: Govern Information | Law Firm Information Governance

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Business Challenge

In today’s ultra-competitive legal market, law firms like yours are searching for ways to operate smarter and more profitably. For many, this means taking a strategic look at back-office functions, including records. At the same time mobile attorneys want access to information from wherever they are, and clients want tight governance over their sensitive information.

As firms consider new directions for records management and digitization options to reduce costs, reclaim real estate and increase efficiencies, they often find that they want insight into best practices for law firm scanning work flows and cost savings analysis for offsite records operations.

What if you could...

  • Reduce paper records operations costs and reclaim real estate for revenue-generating activities?
  • Implement a systematic digitization strategy that is based on best practices and customized for your unique culture, workflows and governance requirements?
  • Give mobile lawyers faster access to information for more efficient client service delivery?

A 350-attorney firm is using Iron Mountain to digitize its HR documents, helping improve productivity and manage risks.

Get An Operational Edge

The Iron Mountain Total Offsite Records Solution for law firms gives firms a strategic framework for structuring their records operations for efficiency and cost savings. With this solution, you can:

  • Trim ops. costs. Lower real estate and operations costs by shifting the right mix of files and tasks offsite to our facilities located near your offices.
  • Go digital smart. Tap our extensive scanning best practices and law firm expertise to design a smart digitization strategy — one that works economically and culturally for the firm, and puts governance in place.
  • Give mobile access. Give busy, mobile lawyers access to information now, wherever they may be — at the airport, at a client’s site or in the office — for faster, more efficient client services.

Total Offsite Records Solution gives law firms the option to move the right mix of their records operations — active/inactive files, scanning, staffing — offsite for operational efficiencies and consistent governance. A key element of the solution is a digitization strategy and related workflows. You choose which combination of services works for your firm.

Dedicated Offsite Records Center.

What You Gain...

  • Reduced records operations costs, including real estate
  • An enterprise digitization strategy that balances economics and governance
  • Rapid information access for mobile lawyers and more efficient client services

Move active and semi-active files from expensive onsite records areas to lower-cost offsite records centers. Employ Image on Demand™ or proactive imaging projects for fast access. Your staff or ours operates in dedicated file area, office and prep/review areas.

Iron Mountain scans 44 million images per month from industries represented by leading law firms.

Go Digital Smart.

Our law firm information management team works with you to design an enterprise digitization strategy and workflows. It may be a combination of onsite and offsite scanning processes, and can include scan capture technology from our partner DocSolid® to integrate imaged documents into your official repository. Flexible staffing models, as well as assistance with attorney cultural change, are also available.

Customer Success

A 300-lawyer firm sought to differentiate itself from competitors by going digital, starting with moving active files offsite to reduce its headquarters’ central records footprint. The firm’s staff is prepping the files offsite for a multi-month imaging project conducted by Iron Mountain legal information governance specialists, which includes workflow integration into the firm’s document management system. The firm plans to introduce the same workflow to additional offices.


  • 7,500 cubic feet of repurposed records real estate
  • 6 records FTEs operating offsite
  • Improved access to information for mobile attorneys