X-ray on Demand

Topics: Optimizing for Electronic Medical Records Transition

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Adopting Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) does not mean an instant filmless radiology environment. Most radiology departments inevitably will need to maintain large film libraries for the foreseeable future. Managing these film libraries in parallel with PACS images creates challenges for both health information managers and radiologists alike.

X-ray on Demand (XOD) provides a scanning and digitization service for radiology customers storing analog films with Iron Mountain.When a record retrieval is requested, the film is digitized, indexed, encrypted for security and sent over a secure connection in standard DICOM format to the customer’s PACS. XOD is a fast, efficient and highly cost-effective solution for customers who need periodic access to select films. (See the reverse side for X-ray on Demand workflow)

XOD enables our customers to:

  • Manage analog films before, during and after PACS implementation
  • View historical studies side-by-side with new studies when making a diagnosis
  • Minimize scanning costs by converting only that portion of the analog film inventory that is needed
  • Receive faster, on-demand delivery of images via the Internet that can be distributed for remote diagnosis by teleradiology

As healthcare organizations gradually replace film with digital image management systems, Iron Mountain’s XOD solution provides a cost-effective digitization service that is an important component in PACS adoption.


There are several options for receipt of images:

  • Direct delivery into PACS
  • Indirect delivery to PACS via a Quality Control Station
  • Delivery to the Iron Mountain PACS archive for immediate viewing, downloading into PACS, or printing


XOD lowers total cost of ownership and enables a healthcare provider to proactively plan for managing historical radiology records as an integral part of the conversion to a fully filmless radiology environment.

Iron Mountain enables healthcare organizations to operate an enterprise-wide digital imaging strategy with benefits that include:

  • Fast, on-demand delivery
  • High resolution images
  • National availability via the Web
  • Immediate cost savings
  • No capital outlay

Iron Mountain operates in major markets worldwide, serving thousands of customers throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim. For more information, visit our Web site at www.ironmountain.com.