Offsite Tape Vaulting with Iron Mountain

You live under constant attack. Dealing with the consequences of hardware malfunctions, human errors, software corruption and man-made or natural disasters can kill your productivity. By moving tapes offsite and into the care of a trusted third party with proven resources, technology and experience focused on protecting your data, you can reduce downtime and get back up and running… because your business depends on it.


It's time for step 3: vaulting.

It comes in 2 flavors: open media and closed container. With open media, we track each tape and rack it individually in protective tape racks. With closed container, we track and rack your locked container. Only you have access to the contents inside. Our inventory control system assigns the tape or container a specific location on our specialized protective racks. And, there it sits. Safe and secure.

And when we say secure, we mean secure. Our vaults feature advanced intrusion protection and alarm systems, physical access control, fire detection and suppression systems and 24/7 central monitoring.