Store Smart: Best Practices to Archive Your Healthcare Data: Ep 27, HealthcareTalks

Topics: Healthcare IT Management

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Iron Mountain recently partnered with HIMSS Analytics to survey Healthcare Provider CIOs and IT Directors. We found that many providers are treating all data as active – and storing it onsite - increasing risk and cost.

Iron Mountain has a long history of working with healthcare providers to develop and implement archiving strategies - and we’ve learned a number of best practices:

  • First, think about archiving as its’ own discipline - separate from backup
  • Develop policies for what data should archived – versus what should be backed up.
  • Be aware of retention requirements – if you keep the data too long, you are subject to litigation and other risks.
  • Tier infrequently used data to a more cost-effective storage.
  • Integrate your archival strategy with your organizations’ Information Governance strategy – they should be tightly linked.
  • And finally –, you don’t need to do all this on your own. By partnering, you can redeploy your scarce IT resources to focus on key strategic initiatives.

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