The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming in 2018, and with it comes new requirements for the retention of records. Keep your company’s reputation intact. Watch the video to learn what’s expected.

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As organizations prepare for implementation under GDPR in 2018, they need to demonstrate that they have the ability to identify where their data is, creating a data map.

They need to understand and demonstrate how long they’re keeping their information for as part of their retention policy.

Whilst GDPR creates a level playing field for privacy regulation across the EU, there is no such level playing field when it comes to how long to keep data for. GDPR doesn’t tell you, that sits within other statue and regulation that’s spread across industry and across different countries.

Analysis of how database of such statue and regulation shows the retention periods vary considerably from a matter of months through to many decades.

It’s complex. It will take time to get this right. You’ve got time, if you start that journey now.