Iron Mountain Geological Core Storage Solution

Topics: Oil & Gas Records and Information Management


You’re a treasure hunter in the exploration for oil and gas. The game is high risk but the rewards are huge. The decisions you make are expensive, complex, and they’re data driven. They need to be fast and accurate. Misjudgments and mistakes are costly, or even devastating. You search for clues that minimize uncertainty and risk while identifying the best possible course among a litany of alternatives. Whether you are assessing opportunities to re-explore existing field assets or develop new ones, the best clues are located in subsurface information, the well logs and data, core samples and seismic data. Iron Mountain is the keeper of these clues.

With Iron Mountain you leverage our 30+ years of experience working with energy records for all of the Super Majors and 90 percent of the Majors, in countries throughout the world. In many cases we already store your organization’s subsurface information, be it core, well files or seismic tapes that can provide you with valuable clues for your hunt.

And to help you in your pursuit of that treasure, we are introducing our newest asset to our customers: Geological Core Storage, in Houston, Texas. With this state of the art facility, you’ll store and inspect your core and cuttings in purpose-built, storage and viewing facilities. You’ll be comfortable and supported by a team of experts as you efficiently research your clues.

This new facility will have over 200,000 cubic feet of storage, industry leading racking space and custom built viewing rooms. In addition, table microscopes, digital handheld microscopes, full spectrum lighting, UV chromatoview, and iPad® tablets for image capture and display. eSearch™, a specialized database with indexing and classification detail that enables you to find what you need quickly, is also provided. A fully functioning conference room, wireless connectivity and a break room give you the opportunity to conduct meetings and review information just like you would in your office. Located close to commercial laboratories and to Houston’s Energy Corridor, it’s the premier location for all of your core storage needs. Already having years of experience in geological core storage, servicing four countries and expanding, doesn’t it make sense to entrust your resources to Iron Mountain in your pursuit of that hidden treasure?

Improve accessibility, make faster decisions and increase production. Call us today at 1-800-899-4766 or contact us through our website to learn more about how this state of the art facility in Houston can benefit your organization.