Quick Tips to Securely Destroy Outdated IT Assets


Today’s workforce requires many electronic devices. In fact, the average number of devices per worker is expected to reach 3.3 in 2014.1

Most devices hold confidential data and have shortened lifecycles, meaning you need an effective IT asset disposition plan that helps you:

  1. Prevent unwanted confidential data disclosure
  2. Protect your data from misuse and theft, and
  3. Reduce wasted space

You want certainty that your IT assets are tracked, processed, recycled, re-deployed, resold, or destroyed efficiently and securely.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

Because the same people you trust with your critical data storage can help you with secure IT asset disposition—be it destruction, recycling or reclamation.

At Iron Mountain, our 60 years of experience give you:

  • Visibility—Secure deletion and proper disposal, and
  • Confidence—We always meet or exceed EPA guidelines.

Get peace of mind from data management that provides

  • Strict security practices
  • Detailed audits, and
  • Certificate of destruction from an eSteward certified partner.

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