Policy Center Solution Essential Edition

1. Let's Get Started:

To learn how to log in to your Iron Mountain ConnectTM portal and access Policy Center Essential Edition, watch this quick introductory video.


Welcome to the Governance, Risk and Compliance service! Today you’ll get a preview of the Policy Center Essential Edition component with a few simple steps to help you get started.

First you’ll need to sign in to Iron Mountain Connect, the home of the GRC service.

Start by going to ironmountainconnect.com and enter your username and password. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account, you can easily get set-up by calling your account manager, or 1-800-899-4766. You can also complete a set up form found on ironmountain.com/grcs

Once you are setup and logged in – you can access all of the tools included in this service. Today we’ll explore Policy Center Essential Edition.

For decades, organizations have developed paper-based retention schedules, resulting in a static view of regulatory requirements and laws, leaving retention schedules and the supporting research to be routinely updated. This is an expensive and time consuming process.

With Iron Mountain’s Policy Center Essential Edition, you’ll receive regular legal research updates to keep your retention schedule guidelines in compliance.

The key to maintaining compliant recordkeeping requirements is quality legal research.

Iron Mountains team of legal researchers, constantly track, organize and curate legal summaries and citations. These citations are the back bone of your organization’s retention policies. On your own this research is time consuming, costly and hard to maintain.

To present citation information associated with a Record Class you’ll choose a selection from the list of top-level record classes or business function.

With Policy Center Essential Edition, you can quickly classify documents and more readily enforce information compliance. In fact, any or all employees from your organization or associated partner and channel organizations can access Policy Center Essential Edition to quickly verify which categories of information need to be retained, for how long and more importantly, why these information assets need to be saved and tracked.

Now that you’ve received a brief overview, you are ready to start navigating your tool. Watch the next video to see your exclusive features.

2. Navigation

Now that you know how to log in to Policy Center, learn the basics with this brief tutorial on how to navigate your tool. With active screen shots, you'll be able to preview the level of detail Policy Center Essential Edition provides.


Now that you are logged into Iron Mountain Connect™, you can access all of the tools included in the Governance, Risk and Compliance service. Let’s get started by exploring Policy Center Essential Edition.

First, view and search a simplified Records Retention Schedule so you can quickly match existing assets with corresponding Retention Policies and Record Classes, which enables you to properly manage the information they create.

The top-level Business Function is displayed and short informative descriptions will help you understand the Record Classes included under the Business functions.

To view details of a Business Function, click on the area just outside the name of the business function.

To view record classes associated with a Business Function, click on the name of the business function - a hyperlink appears when hovering the mouse on name.

A list of record classes appears for the selected business function. The list view is in alphabetical order and displays the record class code, title, description and rule. Information about the selected record class appears in the right view panel underneath the header bar.

Record class information is organized into groups for convenience purposes. There are two ways to view this information; using the scroll bar in the right view panel or using the shortcuts underneath the header bar. The shortcuts will take you to the corresponding information without having to scroll through other record class information.

Let’s Move on to Viewing Citations

To present citation information associated with a Record Class you’ll choose a selection from the list of top level record classes or business function).

Expand the record classes associated with that business function. Click a record class to view the details.

Select the short cut under the Record Class header labeled “Related Citations”. A list of citations associated with the Record Class is shown.

To view citation information, click on an entry in the list. The citation information window will appear. Scroll down to see information not shown in the window

The citation fields are displayed in the citation window. For example, code, jurisdiction, title, and more

Now let’s search the retention schedule

This tool provides a powerful search feature

To quickly search for a term in the retention schedule;

Type the name, code or a portion of the description you are looking for in the search field.

The moment you start typing the fast find feature automatically searches for related keyword phrases and displays results in the drop down list as you type. You can select the desired term from the drop down list at any time.

A results list appears when a selection from the list is made or when the enter key or search icon is pressed. The results list can be by reset by clicking “Clear”. Search text can be reset by clicking “x

These important functions can help you navigate Policy Center Essential Edition to enable your organization to better comply with retention rules and regulations.

This tool provides a powerful search feature

To log out, simply click “Log Out” found in the upper right corner or continue with other Iron Mountain Connect by clicking the “Home” tab.

If you need further assistance please call an Iron Mountain representative at 1-800-947-2275 and press option 1

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