Trends in Optimizing Law Firm Real Estate


Karen Guillermo: Hello everyone. My name is Karen Guillermo with Iron Mountain’s Legal Vertical Team. I’d like to welcome you to today’s webinar on trends in optimizing law firm real estate space. This event is being brought to you by Law Technology News and sponsored by Iron Mountain.

Before we get started with today’s topic, let’s go over some simple housekeeping items and get those out of the way first. There are definitely some customizable functions to be aware of on the platform today. Every window you currently see, from the slide window, to the Q&A pane can either be enlarged or collapsed. So, if you want to change the look and feel of your console, go right ahead.

Also, if you have any questions for our speakers today, please type it in the Ask a Question field on your console and we’ll get to those questions during the live Q&A at the end, depending on how much time we do have. We’ll get to as many questions as we possibly can, so please ask away. And if we don’t get to your question we’ll forward them to you afterwards with a response via email.

Lastly, if you miss any part of this presentation it will be archived shortly so you can view it on Also, the presentation slides will be available for download via email which we’ll be sending out tomorrow.

So, first to get started today we want to take a quick look at today’s agenda. As I mentioned here, you will be able to see that we’re going to first start off with some welcomes and introductions for each of our speakers. Then we’ll be hearing from John Murphy. He will be giving a law firm perspective on the innovative idea for real estate optimization. After that we’ll hear from Chris Murray on a commercial real estate perspective. He’ll talk a little bit about law firm trends and space configurations.

And, finally, we’ll wrap up the presentation with Carolyn Casey. She’ll be speaking from a records management perspective around trends and best practices for managing real estate space.

Let’s get started in the introductions. First today I’d like to introduce you to John Murphy. John is the Director of Procurement and Real Estate for Day Pitney LLP. Welcome John.

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