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Topics: Data Archive

With our Digital Content Repository, production companies and other media enterprises have an industry-leading system to house, distribute, and archive key media assets


In a world where technology is changing daily, and media's being consumed by more people in more ways than ever before, the need to quickly find, access, and distribute content is now a critical necessity. When opportunities must be acted on quickly, and teams are distributed around the world, how can you remain in control of your most valuable content, while still making it accessible at a moment's notice?

Introducing, the digital content repository by Iron Mountain. The most advanced, secure, digital archive system available, designed by archive professionals or professional archivists. The DCR is built to future proof your archive in a media agnostic system, with the highest levels of security, allowing your team worldwide access with a single point of control. Allow team members to access all or only part of your archive. Set up and manage user access easily, allowing some to view previews only and others to download or control full high-resolution distribution capabilities.

The DCR makes accessibility easy with a built-in organization engine that automatically meta-tags content as it is ingested into the system. The DCR generates preview images of each item and a storyboard for each video asset so that you can search or browse your entire archive from the moment it enters the system. Never again research tape formats or face media migration issues.

The digital content repository uses sophisticated algorithms to protect against data loss from data rots and tape malfunctions. With automated media migration, the system is designed to ensure 0 bits of data loss for the next 50 years.

Iron Mountain's team of digital archive professionals have built a secure, redundant state-of-the-art digital archive that makes media obsolescence itself, obsolete.