A Licensee’s Guide to Technology Escrow: A 7-Step Process to Achieve Best Practices

A Technology Licensees Guide To Technology Escrow | Iron Mountain

You want to license technology that will facilitate your business operations, while also increasing process efficiencies. You need to be able to mitigate the risk associated with bringing in new technologies. You’ve also been asked what the backup plan is if the developer goes out of business or no longer supports the technology you license.

Sound right? Let us help you. Our Technology Escrow solution will help you mitigate the risk associated with licensing new technologies.

In This Report You’ll Learn About:

  • How technology escrow plays a role in giving you the confidence to bring in new technologies to your organization
  • What you and your developer are responsible for when it comes to escrow
  • How you can set up a repeatable process to quickly bring new developers into your escrow program

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