Ready to Take Data Backup and Disaster Recovery to the Next Level?

Topics: Data Archive

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Modernize Your Backup Systems.

Legacy tape-based data backup systems, coupled with the exponential growth in data, have created a challenge for IT.

Building on the Best in Data Protection.

EMC Data Domain®

High-performing, scalable, secure, in-line data de-duplication

EMC Avamar®

Fast, efficient backup and recovery through a complete software and hardware solution

Why Do Customers Use EMC Data Domain and Avamar?

Move away from legacy backup. Replace tape or standard disk storage for backup and archive.

Gain storage efficiencies. Use less storage for large data sets thanks to industry-leading global de-duplication.

Increase network efficiencies. De-duplicated data replication uses less network bandwidth and offsite resources.

Leave Legacy Offsite Data Protection Behind and Take to the Cloud.

Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain and Avamar lets you finally retire tape infrastructure and legacy approaches to backup and offsite data protection.

Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain and Avamar Allows You to:

  • Fully protect your data offsite in a secure, compliant Iron Mountain data center.
  • Eliminate legacy tape and backup infrastructures.
  • Simplify recovery, and protect your data for the long term.
  • Pay only for what you use in a scalable subscription model.

Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication Builds on Your Existing Investment in Avamar or Data Domain

Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication for EMC Data Domain and Avamar systems integrates with existing Data Domain or Avamar deployments to automatically provide offsite backup protection and long-term retention of your data.

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