A New Paradigm in Data Center Colocation

Topics: Data Center Management

Dramatic changes are taking place in IT and the implications on data center colocation promise to be significant. Experts are describing a new era in computing built around mobility, cloud services, social networking and big data. IT leaders are dealing with staggering data growth, the expansion of highly virtualized data center environments and growing pressure for their data centers to be both cost- and energy-efficient. At the same time, business leaders have set new expectations for IT infrastructures to be more agile than ever, with zero tolerance for downtime or for disruptions in application performance or availability.

This sea change is impacting how IT leaders are thinking about data center colocation. The data center is, without doubt, the epicenter of today’s business. Savvy organizations of all sizes in all industries realize they can’t take chances with data center colocation choices. The wrong choices could put an IT organization at risk for downtime, exceeding capacity, unsuccessfully recovering from disasters or failing to meet regulatory compliance requirements. What’s more, they also recognize that they must deploy modern technology in data center colocation facilities that are flexible and scalable to ensure that their data centers will be able to support the growth, expansion and technology advances that are endemic to today’s computing environments.

So, as you are thinking about whether to build a new data center, expand your current data centers or consolidate data centers, what does this changing paradigm mean for your data center colocation choice and how should it shape your decision-making?

The most important shift is to recognize that you must expect and demand more from your data center colocation partner. The idea of a data center provider simply supplying ample power or a secure building is anachronistic for today’s realities. What you need is a partner that not only supplies the power and facilities, but also delivers the full range of services required to build a successful, highly scalable data center environment that satisfies today’s requirements for agility, availability and cost efficiency. You should demand:

  • Migration services
  • Installation and “smart” remote hands
  • Disaster recovery
  • Asset tracking
  • Secure network services
  • IT asset recycling and remarketing
  • Offsite tape vaulting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compliance services

Iron Mountain brings a new vision to data center management and colocation, informed by more than 60 years experience in helping organizations protect their most important information assets. Our facilities are second to none, including The Underground, our 145-acre facility housed 220-feet below ground in a former limestone mine. The Underground enables breakthrough advantages in cost reductions and energy efficiencies by providing natural advantages such as low ambient temperature and geothermal cooling.

The Iron Mountain vision for wholesale and retail data center colocation solutions goes beyond our facilities and extends to all of the critical services, features and functionality that organizations of all sizes are demanding from their data centers. We offer a full range of data center services designed to help our customers simply migrate their data centers, remain compliant, ensure best practices in disaster recovery and achieve energy efficiencies and reduce cost. How do we do it? Here are some of the key ways.

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