Can Secure Cloud Storage Solve The Long-term Archiving Dilemma?

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Many IT departments have started to take advantage of new OpExbased secure cloud storage services. The rationale behind this move to the Cloud is to obtain new levels of capacity, efficiency, value and cost-savings — especially when weighed against the mounting costs of running and maintaining such services in-house.

Learn how cloud archive can solve your organiztion’s long-term storage dilemma.

Additionally, today’s CIOs have invested in secure cloud stƒorage for their company’s data protection and disaster recovery needs. With fast restores and secure offsite storage, subscription-based cloud services are often a no-brainer as organizations modernize their IT infrastructure for modern enterprises.

Fast Fact:

In 2013, the International Data Corporation estimated that revenue from object-based storage would grow at a compound annual growth rate of 30-50% through 2016.

Until recently though, long-term, cloud-based archive solutions produced more questions than answers. So how did this market get where it is today?

Cold Storage In The Hot Seat

The term “cold storage” is often used to describe the long-term storage of data that has changed from an active to an inactive state. In its inactive state, data is not likely to be accessed, but it may need to be retained for compliance or legal reasons.

Did You Know?

80% of organizations need to keep certain information for more than 50 years.

In the past, common cold storage methods included long-term storage of backup tapes at a secure offsite tape vault. In later years, tiered disk or network-attached storage systems have been used with data management, backup or archiving software. These systems allow companies to move their data from costly storage tiers to more affordable high-capacity disk tiers over time.

Despite such advances, issues remain with the choice of disk or tape for long-term preservation. Issues to be addressed include the space needed to store growing data volumes, as well as the integrity, durability and security of the data itself. In the cases of both disk and tape, there is also significant cost involved in maintaining long-term archives and migrating data from older media to new systems or tape formats.

Further, even though such data is rarely needed, ease of access remains a frustrating requirement when it comes to eDiscovery requests, compliance audits tasks or searching for new ways to monetize older data.

Can Object Storage In The Cloud Warm Up Cold Storage?

As hyperscale cloud providers grappled with the need for economical yet accessible long-term archived data, many began to look closely at object storage as a new, flexible software construct that would allow for greater scalability and builtin quality checks of digital archives. Object storage is popular because it allows users to abstract and secure their data while still relying on relatively economical storage hardware.

"According To The Results Of A Study By Iron Mountain And The International Data Corporation, 72% Of Legal And Compliance Respondents Use Archived Data, But Less Than 50% Are Satisfied With How Well They Can Access It."

When used for cold storage, object storage solutions solve many of the challenges faced by tape and disk implementations. Object storage also presents a valuable opportunity for corporations that want to mine older data for insights within their longterm archives.

So, how do cloud services and object storage work together? Subscriptionbased, secure cloud storage options based on the same type of object storage are coming to market. This type of solution gives organizations the ability to leverage an object storage repository without building a large infrastructure around it.

But not all cloud services based on object storage are alike. It pays to ask cloud providers about the specific ways archives will scale, be protected and be preserved for the long haul. Choose your provider based on its service-level agreements, trustworthiness and longevity. This will go a long way toward ensuring the digital repository lives up to the organization’s needs for compliance, eDiscovery or future monetization.

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