Data Center Colocation Services Address Key IT Challenges

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What are you looking for from your data center colocation partner? If you’re like most businesses today, you are dealing with a wide range of challenges in building, designing and maintaining your data centers. How do you migrate equipment and applications, how do you ensure compliance, how do you track and dispose of decommissioned IT assets, how do you dispose of equipment, how do you remarket retired data center equipment, and how do you ensure the safe and secure preservation of important media assets, such as backup tape?

When it comes to these and other critical questions, most traditional data center colocation vendors can only give you a list of referrals. When you get beyond the basic functions of providing a facility, supplying power and cooling, they have little to offer in the way of experience, expertise or ability to offer a suite of data center services.

That’s where Iron Mountain Data Centers are changing the model for data center colocation. We offer a full range of services that go beyond the basics. How can we help you? Here are some of the ways:

Problem: I don’t have the staff, budget or resources to build and manage my own data center.

Solution: With Iron Mountain Data Centers you can choose from a complete portfolio of flexible service options, including network services, engineering design, delivery, size and scale. With Installation and “Smart” Remote Hands, Iron Mountain’s expert team of data center infrastructure professionals can provide a full suite of ongoing technician services, from complex cable management and large-scale server/storage deployments, to reboots and hard drive replacements.

Problem: I have too many data center deployments, but I don’t know what to move, how to move it and how to ensure I can make the migration without impacting the availability of critical business services and applications.

Solution: Iron Mountain Migration Services offer a complete approach for moving complex infrastructures from one data center location to another. These services include extensive site surveys, business impact analysis reports, migration plan documentation, risk assessment with migration program resolution and a comprehensive migration execution.

Problem: In migrating to a new data center, or growing and expanding our existing data center, we end up with a lot of equipment we no longer need. How do we dispose of that equipment safely and how do we ensure that we are not exposing our organization to data loss or security breaches?

Solution: Iron Mountain Secure Asset Disposition will help your organization safely recycle or remarket data center assets such as servers, racks, storage systems and networking components - that has met its lifecycle requirements or is no longer of use. All of the data on these assets can be completely destroyed prior to recycling or remarketing.

Problem: Our organization still relies on tape for archiving and, in some cases, for disaster recovery. How can we ensure the preservation of our tape media?

Solution: Iron Mountain Offsite Tape Vaulting provides tape storage services that are available either at the hosted data center facility or at one of Iron Mountain’s 60-plus tape vaulting locations throughout the United States. These facilities provide the secure, environmentally controlled conditions required for tape preservation, as well as rigorous chain-of-custody and audit trail tracking during transport and storage.

These are just some of the challenges in data center design and management we address at Iron Mountain Data Centers. We also offer secure network services to provide secure transport of data, disaster recovery testing, and services to help you assure regulatory compliance no matter what industry you are in.

The model for data center colocation providers to just supply the basics of building and power is no longer sufficient for the needs of today’s data centers. The availability of advanced services and broad data center expertise represents a new model, and Iron Mountain is once again providing industry leadership and vision.

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